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  1. So, I know this is an older post, but I just had a thought- could I just throw my kitchen compost down in there too? Or does it not really work like that? Maybe a dumb question, but I’m just starting out with my research, lol. I’m in the Portland area, too, and reading about your journey has been great! Another quick question- how far down is that “pile” that we’re seeing? Because in that picture it looks like it is RIGHT THERE, lol!! I’m really, really interested in the possibility of a composting toity, and I totally get that this is representing looking in with a flashlight, but I really, really wouldn’t want to see this, ever. lol! Thanks so much for sharing!!! 🙂

    1. Great questions Julia! I thought about just composting my kitchen waste but it was the same week I got a batch of bananas that had bugs, fortunately for me I opted not to that week. You kinda know what you’re getting composting human waste, when you introduce food products you may be unintentionally introducing bugs into your house. I was very glad I didn’t try it that week because I would have had to empty my whole unit to start over! If I used a different system I may do that, but with mine I don;t think it makes sense.
      Second question, it’s about 4′ down from the toilet seat to the bin, you definitely couldn’t reach down and touch anything even if that did appeal to you! ha!

  2. So, nothing can splash up onto you? I’m just now thinking of converting one of my flush toilets to composting, and I’m in a regular house in a conventional neighborhood. I have a Septic and want to start doing things better! What exact kind did you get?? It sounds like just what I would want! Thanks for this wonderful article!

    1. There ARE compost toilets that use water but mine does not, since you have hookups you could use either! Mine is the Sun-Mar Centrex 2000, that unit can be dry or wet, depending on which fixture you want to go with, definitely ZERO splash back with the dry unit and the water one is very low water so I imagine it’s pretty ‘dry’ too 🙂 If that makes sense! ha!

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