A Tiny House Tour – And Thank You!

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Ms. Courtney Lee!  Thank you!  I got your gifts in the mail, I LOVE them, not only did you give me a lot of great advice, the sleeper is pure genius, I should have had that on my list!  I like the little baby paw covers :).  Thank you thank you!

And now, because I haven’t really done a video tour (though Stacey did do a great one HERE), the tiny house tour!

From the inside:

And from the outside, it is hard to make things look ‘pretty’ in the middle of winter, it just looks cold and dead… but anyway…

And for good measure, Denny is WAY better at stairs now!



  1. do you primarily use the back stairs? I would think as your hands get full (or as you get more pregnant) it might be difficult to safely get down the front stairs without a rail. Have you had any problems?

    1. I don’t, I I primarily use the wider door not on the patio, no problems yet with the front stairs, there is a 4’x4′ landing. Seems to work well, sometimes Denny the claud falls off 🙂

  2. what kind of wood did you use for the outside? I keep thinking it looks kinda like pallet wood but I know that would never stand up to the elements.

    1. It is in-fact reclaimed pallets, it is a rain-screen wall assembly, the pallets were taken apart, planed down, ripped to size and finished to last. They are actually treated (some pressure treated some chemically treated, pressure treated is better) to last outside for a long time!

        1. I’m actually pretty tough to offend :). Free is always a good thing when working with a budget, and its a good way to get all sorts of variegated woods! LOTS of labor though, not sure I’d be up for that one again! 🙂

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