Where Is The Baby Going To Sleep!?

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SUCH a common question it seems, and while I ‘get it’ every situation has a solution, or a few… here are some of mine!  I was able to finish the the co-sleeper Friday, I ended up sanding off all the dowels and the screw covers and then sealing it with the same stuff you seal cutting boards and butcher blocks with.  It is completely safe and non-toxic so if she takes to chewing it for any reason it is safe and sound.  It sits just perfect, its about two inches below my bed, she can’t roll up on my bed easily and more important, I can’t roll onto hers (because of the rails, and the fact I haven’t rolled off the bed for about 25 years…).    I ended up putting it on the far side of the loft, it would be pretty difficult for her to find her way to the edge of the loft before I am able put up my rails (I have a pretty cool idea for that!).  Denver has more room this way too 🙂

This was the last BIG thing I have to do/build before she gets here.  I am getting the nesting bug so I will be going through all of the cupboards and closets tomorrow to fix couple things and get all the tools/construction debris leftover out of here.  I am thankful for the tiny house because my closets and cubbies are few, it should be a pretty quick process!  I also had to make some new skirts, I am out growing things fast! 🙂

Big thank you to Nathan and James for helping me swap out the mattresses!  I may have been able to crawl under the trailer a couple weeks ago to fix the water but lifting half of a king size bed in the mud and muck was a bit much!  (Oh, I have pictures of my tummy too, I am feeling very huge!  I have limited mirrors in my house so I don’t really get the full body view much… I think I like it better that way for now ;-), I was a bit shocked to see the actual images, ha!)



  1. My grandmother’s 9 children slept the first months of their lives in a drawer that was pulled out of the chest of drawers onto a side table next to the bed! Once the baby was more mobile, the next youngest was moved out of the crib and the youngest was transferred to the crib. Grandparents raised all 9 in a very small farmhouse–I’m sure that the children had no more room than your tiny house when all was said and done! Amazing how they all survived so well, tee hee…

    Thanks for sharing your tiny house adventure with us. Wishing you much joy and happiness with your daughter, and lots of good sleep in the upcoming months.

    1. Thank you! We live in such a funny time, kids really don’t need much, she will have my time and attention, I think that is the best thing for her for a while! I am amazed at the amount of parents criticizing me for not upsizing my house. People used to go with SO much less and do SO well. The last thing I want to do is upsize and obligate myself to a bill to pay, I LOVE that I will have the flexibility of time to spend with MiniMiller when she gets here. We all still have everything we truly need, I certainly don’t feel like anyone is suffering, I feel pretty darn lucky really! (I think Denver does too! 😉 ) Thank you so much for the well wishings!

  2. Love it. You are creating a warm nest for you all, and that’s what matters.

    After MiniMiller is here, you will next have to deal with where/how you ever manage to have sex with a baby in the tiny house. Get ready for that…

  3. I vote for option #2 with a rail! Also, I just recently started reading your blog and I really love what you have accomplished. I am sooo envious. Poo poo to anyone who criticizes you. Thank you for sharing your mini-mindset…lol

  4. Don’t you know that any baby that sleeps in a homemade crib next to a dog that is NOT a Great Dane but CLEARLY a weimereiner ends up stunted in growth? It happened to my friend’s cousin’s best friend’s sister’s kid.


    Co-sleeper looks gorgeous and I hope you don’t stop posting pictures of Denny once the baby is here! He is such a cutie.

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