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Just about done with the co-sleeper, now that there are 9-10 weeks left until I get to meet MiniMiller, I am feeling good that she will have a place to sleep when she gets here!  Mom is busting away on her quilt also!  MiniMiller is getting huge (I STILL don’t have an updated belly picture, I’m sorry, I hate cameras and it’s not super high on my list to stage a photo of myself 🙂 ).  I have gained 18 pounds in the last 7 months though. ALL in the belly.  I am not yet at my highest weight ever (that freshman 15 was a little more for me!).  I will be passing that here shortly though, I am supposed to gain a pound a week from here on out.  I have no idea where I am going to fit 10 more pounds and no idea how I will be able to put on my socks either!  It is already like trying to get dressed around a basketball!  I will work it though, millions of women have in the past!   I have finally started with the food cravings, so far, at odd hours of the night I have decided that I absolutely NEED a raspberry cream cheese danish and Gushers (not just any fruit snack, it HAS to be strawberry Gushers…).  I ALSO, finally, got to take part in these crazy realistic pregnancy dreams, I had a awesome dream the other night that I got to meet MiniMiller, that went really well, definitely a very happy dream :), it could also have been that Denver let me sleep the entire night!  I don’t even remember the last time I didn’t have to get up at least a couple times either for him or to pee, it’s been MONTHS!

James and I started Lamaze class as well, I never know how those sorts of things will go, a lot really depends on your ‘teacher/instructor’, we lucked out and got a cool one!  She’s funny, she enjoys her job, and you can tell, also, very educational!  Not only that, I am really glad that I picked the situation I did, going through a midwife but still tied to the hospital was a good call (just in case there are any complications with that recently broken back and all…).  I have read enough (or perhaps have intentionally NOT read some things 🙂 ) to feel pretty comfortable going into this at this point.  If there is one thing consistent about me it is that I trust nature, a lot more than myself and this is really a pretty natural thing!  People’s terrible birth stories make me nervous and people being nervous for me make me nervous, so just don’t do those things around me for a few more weeks please! 🙂  Honestly, I have had really good feelings about everything for the duration (other than the being sick as a dog stuff, I don’t have good feelings about that), I think everything will go really smoothly, I have taken care of us both and I think she will be healthy and everyone will be happy and well.  She seems to be right on point for everything, heartbeats, moving around, gaining weight, etc., it all FEELS normal.   Either way I think it is important to go into the ‘big day’ very positive and hopeful rather than terrified (there there is a good amount of that as well, I assure you! but I’m choosing to focus on the good parts). I feel like things will work out for the best, and one way or another she is coming outta there, and soon!   I do think she may come a little bit early, that MAY just be hoping though on my part because it would be nice to take more than 20 mins between bathroom visits! 🙂  In case you ever wondered, it is JUST as uncomfortable as it sounds to have a human head (a small one, sure, but still) lodged in your pelvis.  Also, in case you are wondering, it’s WAY harder to build a human than it is to build a house… if your wife/partner built you a baby, buy her some cheesecake, she deserves it! 🙂

I hope everyone is well!  Here are some pictures:




  1. A good idea is to watch home birth videos on youtube. Home birth videos give you a more realistic idea of how birth should go, rather than the Hollywood on your back screaming type birth, and there are some great ones out there.
    Your cosleeper looks beautiful!

    1. I like the semi uneducated take, I am learning calming techniques, what I want for my baby’s health and my health but I am just going to let my body handle the rest. I am confident that my midwife and the hospital staff won’t push for anything that isn’t NEEDED. Watching that stuff is scary! 🙂

  2. Glad your pregnancy is going well, Macy. You and MiniMiller will do just fine!
    I met my first Irish Wolf Hound a couple of months ago. He decided he liked my and promptly sat on my feet. Ouch!

  3. The co-sleeper looks great, as does the bed. A friend had a midwife for both of her children and she loved having a midwife associated with a hospital. Sending you wonderful thoughts for your last couple of months of pregnancy.

  4. About five weeks ahead of you with the baby and a long way behind on the home! I’ll let you know how the baby goes as I know Gosia is sharing some of your worries. Sleeper looks fantastic. Take care and al the best; Eddy

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