Update 12.13.13

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I have been in the process of moving over my website, I am running out of space on my free WordPress site but it would also be nice to be able to have a little more flexibility.  I thought it would be a much easier process than it’s proving to be.  Thanks for bearing with me while I do very little posting and try to get that all figured out.

James took a little recording of Christopher and Merete’s live interview for their TV debut of TINY: A Story About Living Small of which I got to be a part.  I’m not sure if I am allowed to be posting it but I will until told otherwise, for anyone who missed it you can watch the B-rated version here :).  He was recording this in his dining room while I was being interviewed about 25 feet away outside, and the dog was messing with something, those are the distractions :).

I promise to have some more updates soon, I have to figure a couple things out with the new set-up but then I have a whole list of posts I have been accumulating to update on including heating a tiny house in – degree weather (hint-it’s been a challenge!), frozen pipes (also fun!) baby stuff, Denny’s big medical procedure and lots of miscellaneous!  🙂


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