Update 12.7.13

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Just a quick update on things… 🙂



  1. Hey Macy,

    I like the new curtains. I do have a recommendation, if it seems like it’s still getting cold in there. There are insulated type fabrics that you can use, or even batting, that you can sew to make insulated curtains out of your winter ones. Then, you can pick another fabric and sew it on the window side that faces out and there you have it. Much warmer!

    Denny is a handsome dog. He’s just such a beautiful color! My own dog Hank, then I’ve written to you about before, is not, repeat NOT an indoor dog. And with him being white, oh my gosh! But he loves his huge outdoor run, and mostly stays clean, and is really happy. I have an indoor cats to snuggle with me and help keep me warm. I bet that Danny really helps you on those cold winter nights!


    1. Hi again! 🙂 I had not even considered that with the curtains, I will certainly be adding more r-value to them if needed, honestly these new ones have done a heck of a job, they keep it nice and warm, I know this winter is going to get colder before it gets warmer though! 🙂
      I just went to a dog play group and there was a white dog there, after I came home I was reminded of why I wanted a grey dog so much, he matches everything I wear, I’ve been picking white hairs out of EVERYTHING! 🙂 Denny is definitely a nice little space heater 🙂

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