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I have been quickly running out of daylight time ith the whole daylight savings!  I always take too long to adjust to that.  Here is an update of my little buddy :)  He's probably around 90-100 pounds now, He doesn't get mistaken for a wiemeriner anymore but people think hes a full grown adult dog, just a little small for his bread, he's so calm he doens't usually seem like a puppy...

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Macy M
I am an artist, a steward, a minimalist at heart... I love being out in the sunshine... I love animals of nearly every kind, at least the furry ones, I am trying to be a gardener... I believe people are good at the core but are also capable of very bad things when they aren't intentional about their actions... I love my family, my passions and my life... I am just me :)

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