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  1. I think your fav color is also green. Love love love that little porch with the cove and comfy chair. I can see myself sitting there with a good read from my kindle.

  2. I think this is one of the best layouts for a tiny house I’ve seen! I could live comfortably there…love the hanging lights over the sink, love the shower, love all the windows, love love love!

    1. Everyone sleeps in their beds 😉 (everyone has their own bed). Denver does great, Great Danes are big but very low energy, works out great for small spaces.

  3. I think that you did a beautiful job ! I truly love your place and especially your porch and that is something that I don’t even have on my house. Good luck with your tiny home and your tiny new one coming into the world soon !! 🙂

  4. I would love to talk to you, or email at your convenience of some questions I have, now that you are done and have been settled.
    Let me know if you’d be up for an email w/questions. Just a few.
    The so much. I am SO SO EXCITED about w h at a WONDERFUL home you have made. It’s gorgeous. Just what I’m looking for.


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