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  1. Is it possible to put a vent/exhaust for the stove? I’ve had trouble with the smell of food lingering in my apartment after burning it.

    1. Absolutely, I opted to have the window which I can open right next to the stove which works very well.

  2. I’ve always loved the tiny houses. And yours is beautiful. My question though, how warm is it during the winter? (New England winter) Do you insulate them like a “big” home 🙂 ?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. It is insulated better than most standard homes and is actually pretty easy to keep warm, cooling is a bit more tricky but with electronics, a dog and a couple people we don’t generally have the heater on, or on high very often, we’ve gotten down to -12. Totally doable!

  3. I love the modern clean lines, the brightness and the layout…where would you get the plans for this home…how much did it cost you to build..Thanks for your time Fred

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