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  1. If I were you I’d put a sky light in the ceiling over the bed so you can look out at the stars. I love love love this tiny house.

  2. I want one. With furnishings, appliances and everything the cost is…..I know the article said you built it for $11,000, was that labor and materials or just materials? How would I go about having one built Can you build one with 400 sq ft? and stationary on the ground? unlike a movable trailer?

    1. I did all the labor so I didn’t charge myself for that one ;). You can see what that includes in the budget,, pretty much everything except the couch, chair and matress. Add on another 600 for those (I had the mattress) and the whole thing is pretty much 12k as you see it. You can build whatever you can think of so of course 400 sf is doable. I personally am done after building one but you can find many builders to build them, the best place to start is you can check with local codes to see what your minimum square foot requirements are and if you are not building under them you can absolutely build on a foundation (permits and inspections will drive the price point up). Most of the time the wheels are just a work around to building codes but that is all changing very fast. Your local city planners would be the first resource to chat with!

  3. I ADORE this house. The design is spectacular. I’ve seen pictures of a lot of tiny home interiors that don’t seem very practical or liveable for one person, let alone two. This home seems to take advantage of every square inch in the most efficient way possible, with room to live.

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