Tiny House Shoot

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Well I had an eventful weekend.  A major film company came to shoot this weekend.  I was pretty nervous at first but pretty tired by the end of the day so I definitely got more cozy in front of the camera.  I am shocked how many hours of filming go into a five minute spot.  I was also pretty shocked at how much I was in front of the camera, for some reason I thought it was more just shots of the house… nope, I am in most of them…

They also said it was by far the smallest house they filmed.

I was also happy to find out, toward the END of the filming that this is not European TV as I thought, it is for A major US channel and will be aired across the states, so I’ll be coming to many of your TV screens soon :).  They think it will air in January, I will try to track it down and link it.  If anyone sees it let me know, I don’t really do the TV thing so I may miss it!  All and all I had a blast, the guys were lots of fun and I really like hearing their stories.

Sunday evening I was heading over to my brothers for a get together and decided to take Denver to his first Dog Park adventure.  I think he dug it, he was pretty nervous to see all the pups but by the end he was loosening up.  He was particularly drawn to the little dogs.

James also broke ground on his project today so I spent the day hanging out with grandma and dad a little while I got started on my tiny house plans, and outlining an e-book, both that I would like to get out before this baby comes!  I am sure I will be asking for input on the book soon but I like how it’s shaping up for sure already.   There is also kind of a gross picture attached of a little baby belly… just heads up.  I hope everyone had a great weekend too!



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