Tiny House Update

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Just some random updates… I have a few busy weekend in front of me but inside of two weeks I will be making the call of the official end of this project!  Wewt! (even though I will have just a few lingering to-do items).  I have sent out invites for my open house on the 12th, if you didn’t get one but want one, please just shoot me an email or leave me a comment, I will send you the evite and hope to see you there!   I hope everyone is well! 



  1. Hi Maci,
    Your house looks great! We are planning our own tiny house project and would love to visit/celebrate your accomplishment! We live in Boise and would like to meet a few other tiny house enthusiasts.
    Clay & Tami Cox

    1. Hi Clay and Tami! I sent you an evite to the open house, I would love it if you could stop by, I am always stoked to run into other tiny house people especially in my area! Let me know if you don’t get the evite!

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