Tiny House Update 9.23.13

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I have actually been pretty busy working on fixing all of the things on my ‘to-do’ list before the photos are taken in exactly 1 week and certainly before the TV crew gets here in just under two weeks from London.   There has been a lot accomplished and even though its stressful to have this deadline it’s actually great because it means I am actually going to finish all this crap, not just let it sit on my to-do list for months to come!  I am getting very excited to be done, there is one major project that will wait until after the crew has gone, that is winterizing my grey-water set-up but that is OK.  The rest will be done.  The great big awesome accomplishment from this weekend is that I have heat!  I finished hooking up my radiant floor heat and boy, it’s awesome!  The tiles were getting really chilly to walk across in the morning but now I actually get excited to get up and walk across the house :).  Of course if you ask James the big accomplishment is that the shower is cleaned!  He had to step up and finish that because I can’t be playing with the acid if I intend to make a baby with ten fingers and ten toes… he did a great job, that was a pretty big deal to get that cleaned and it probably took him a good 10 hours of scrubbing and spraying…. moral of the story, do a better job than me at grouting, I am pretty sure I am never allowed to grout again.  Last weekend I also got the weeds pulled from the yard and with the help of my brother, who gave me manual labor for my birthday this year, what I guy, right, the lawn was rototiller and planted, I even have little sprouts poking up.  Mom says that fall grass is the best grass, I am hoping so, my spring grass was all burned off with out unusually hot summer!  Maybe this can get in and get started and get strong before summer hits again.   Those are the three big ones, here are some pictures of the other parts, like my electrical closet doors, my trim, cleaning up the paint parts and fixing the dog food drawer that was just a tad too big to work well.  In not particular order here are some pictures:



  1. Hi Macy,
    It’s great to see all your finished projects! I do want to mention one thing that came to mind. You spoke about enclosing the batteries in your electrical utility closet (when you do your solar). That is fine, but you must also make sure that there is ventilation because there is off-gasing from batteries that could possibly spark and burn.

    Glad you stayed away from the muric acid.!

    1. Oh yes, I should have mentioned that, thanks for speaking up! Definitely need some natural air flow (the closet doors don’t seal all that well and should provide enough airflow for the off-gassing when we get to that point I will re-evaluate that and make sure. Thanks!

  2. It’s so cool to see your stuff getting all finished up. Seeing your breaker box gave me some extra motivation for the electrical on our house. I went to Lowes a couple days ago and spent about $400 on wires, outlets, switches, breaker box, etc. Now I just have to go out and put it all in!

    It’s looking great, and Denny is always much too handsome.

    1. Electrical was the most frustrating for me but still the most rewarding, it’s when it started feeling like a house, even though I didn’t quite have my drywall up! I am shocked at how much better I got at it though, I didn’t even have to consult any books to hook up my floor, I just remembered it! 🙂 Denny IS so very handsome 😉

  3. Great stuff, congratulations! You never mentioned who the TV crew is from, what program? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I reckon you get it right after the fourth build 🙂

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