Pregnancy Update 9.13.13

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Happy Friday the 13th!  Be careful.  I just thought I would write a post saying how much better I feel!  It is amazing, they say right around 12-14 weeks is the key, for me it is basically 13 weeks on the dot (which is today).  I woke up from some of the most amazing adventure dreams, totally awake and ready to take on the world (I can’t remember the last time waking up felt so good!).  The last few days the nausea has really let up and I can feel more energy coming back, I still want to sleep more than I normally would but that’s ok if I can keep having awesome and inspiring dreams :-).  I am working up some plans that have to do with my house so there may be some exciting ‘moves’ coming down the line shortly ;-), when it gets settled I will write more (I don’t like to announce things until they are for sure :)).   All is great, I am excited for a full weekend of working on the house and celebrations.  This weekend I am planning to put in a walk-way with the help of my brother and hopefully clean up the shower with the help of a respirator and my mom in preparation for some professional photos.   My good buddy is also having a birthday, there is a street fair happening, and a family dinner to celebrate how awesome my mom is!  There should be lot’s in store this weekend!

My next Dr. appointment is just under a week away so I will update shortly after that with actual details of the pregnancy, I was just excited to say how much better I’ve been feeling! 😉  I will however update on the baby quilt, mom has been rocking that!  Check out all the new blocks she’s got done!




  1. Good to hear this Macy. I have one son and his birth was an exciting event for sure. It’s 13 years later now. He has completed a little league career. His toys are getting a bit more sophisticated althoughi some of his favorite shows leave a doubt about his maturation process. Best of luck.

      1. I hope that you continue to be blessed with good health, great energy, and lack of any subsequent ickiness between now and week #40.

  2. Good to hear that the nausea has run its course. 🙂 For me, the next several months felt great, which I think is typical. Enjoy!

    Your pup is a youngster like mine – as we both live the Tiny life, I have a question for you. Is Mr Denny an indoor only guy, or will he live more outside, and come in mostly at night or for cuddles? My space right now is too small for my own Hank, and I’m mulling over whether he will live inside or outside when my own TH is completed. Hank will be a large boy when he’s grown, like yours.

    Thanks for any thoughts you have, as not many people understand the situation fully, heh!


    1. Hi Parker, thanks!
      Mr. Denny is indoor only, he wouldn’t hold up very well outdoors in the too hot or too clod weather which is mostly what we get here :). He has his own space built in with a bed on the floor since he is too big to make it up the loft stairs now. It does get stinkie in there sometimes but we are working through some food options and giving regular baths, i am hoping he outgrows the stink a little (and I think its partially pregnancy, no one else seems to notice it as much as me) 🙂

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