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Stacey from Just a Smidgeon stopped by the other day and took a video tour I thought I would share with everyone.  Stacey has another awesome tiny house, her siding is the best/lightest weight solution I have seen on a tiny!  Follow her progress, she will be wrapping up very soon as she is moving in a couple weeks!




  1. I loved your tour – thank you for sharing! I am planning a similar barn door style bathroom door… so thanks for showing your hardware on that, too. Denver is so cute!

      1. hehe! I only accented it cause soon it will be one of those little known facts, Stacey is one of the few in the world who actually know it was greenish! Pffff! 🙂

    1. Ha! I swear it’s an epidemic! Why do so many people think purple, I would have bet a lot of money on it being purple… I would have lost a lot… 🙂

  2. We’re happy for you girl. We’re well on our way to living a more simplified life as well. Sold our home here in Houston in a matter of hours! We’re now in the packing/storing process this week and closing on the house next Tuesday. Some other nice family has decided to own our lovely home (gonna miss it). We’re so excited to be downsizing from our McMansion to a simpler, smaller, cozier tiny home/cottage. So, as of next week we’ll be “quazi homeless” (will reside temporary with my lovely mother in law) while we search for our land.

    We’ll keep you posted as we begin our blog (still need a creative name for it) and post as we begin the process of designing, building and moving into a tiny house/cottage. It will certainly be a challenge going from a 2600 sq. ft home down to a small cabin/cottage.

    So, we’re now on God’s good graces and sense of humor. We’ll keep you posted my friend. All the best to you and James, can’t wait to see how you’ll do from now till “baby” arrives. Whoo-hoo!

    Kindest regards to you all (waving),

    Jonathan & Rowena
    Houston, Texas

  3. I LOVED the video tour! Pictures have been great but the video brings it all to life and you get a better feel for how it all works. We finally sold my house in Albany, Vt and are jam packed in the house on Wylie hill. Disparate to downsize. Love the chartreuse door! It’s one of my favorite colors…so knew it was green…oddly enough, magenta is one of my other favorites!
    How are you feeling? How far along are you? First trimester is tiring. Hope the tummy is treating you better.

  4. Macy! loved seeing the house “in person”. it really works so well, great job on the plan / design / etc. the sliding bookcase is perfect – for brooms / skis / etc. was really fun to see you / hear you too! keep up the good living.

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