Update 8.15.13

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Sorry I have been MIA, I wish it wasn’t so!   This pregnancy crap is hard!  I sleep WAY too much and don’t accomplish near enough stuff through the day.  I have received a ton of great tips and advice from all of you so thank you.  My favorite, because it works oh-so-well, eat Skittles to make nausea go away!  Thanks Heather, I should have known candy was the answer!  Candy is ALWAYS the answer!  I am shocked at how well it works though, seriously, so for all those people with morning sickness, try Skittles, it’s my new favorite ‘wonder drug’ :).

Onto the projects, James and I are focusing outside now, the inside is basically there (I still need to clean up the shower but I have to get my grey-water system in place first), He will be working on our next big project which I keep hoping he will post about, I think you’ll like it!   I will be getting my water system in place and start getting things weatherproof for winter. And of course the lawn stuff, curb appeal is important!  I have a ways to go there, including building some actual front steps so that people don’t have to greet my toilet before they get to my ‘front door’ :).  I should show pictures of that by the way, I don’t really have any from that side… My vines are taking off pretty nicely, they have a ways to fill in though!

Anyway, here is an update, I hope everyone is well!



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