Another Roommate?!

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Oh man!  So the big exciting news… I got knocked up, haha!  It was not exactly planned but what would the world be without surprises?  I was initially absolutely terrified, for a lot of reasons.  I mean, jeeze, do you know how many changes will happen over the next year for me, not to mention all of those years that follow!  I’ve already had a couple years of pretty big changes, I was looking forward to a chill and uneventful year, now, there is so much to learn.   Right now I fluctuate between completely overwhelmed to excited and back to terrified.  Mostly I am just tired though, like completely wiped out!  All. The. Time.  And oh-so nauseous all day long.  I am not a very good eater as it is, I never have been, getting food down now is ten times harder though.  The cool part, or at least the part I would think would be cool, I smell EVERYTHING, it’s like a super power.  In actuality though, it’s not that cool, most things totally stink!  When I go into big crowds I can smell everyone, what they have eaten and been into.  So this is a kick off to this next big adventure of mine and a welcome along for the journey if you feel so inclined to follow along.  Just how does baby fit in a tiny house??

The soon to be grandparents are pretty excited, it is the very first grand-baby for my mom and dad.  Also surprisingly, because really we are all old enough to have many a kid by now, it is the first great grand baby on my mom’s side.   It will be a few for the other side, James has a few nieces and nephews as it is and it has recently been told that his brother and sister-in-law are trying for a second so I am hoping there will be a cousin close by, that would be pretty cool!  Go Jules and Jesse! 🙂

The funniest parts about this are:

  • I have never even held a baby before in my entire life, I’m nearly 30… not to mention change a diaper, feedings, anything kid related, I always babysat when I was younger for extra money but I required the kid to basically be self sufficient before doing so… poor kid will have to learn with me.
  • I JUST got a great dane puppy… I live in a tiny house, now I’m adding a roommate??  (and yes, I am staying put in the tiny house).
  • It’s fairly high odds I will have twins, it runs ramped in both sides of my family and my age is questionable.  I have a gut feel that it is not twins but I will be especially excited to learn that it isn’t.  Unless it is, then I think I may have to re-evaluate a bit…

So, the things that are staying the same, I still fully intend on living in my tiny house, it’s odd to some who expect me to just bail ship now that other parts of life are kicking in.  I mean kids are a lot of people’s reason for not living smaller but my thoughts is that babies don’t really do a whole bunch but eat and sleep and poop, I am pretty sure they can do that anywhere for at least a couple of years.  I think the last thing I need is to sign up for another bill, be it a mortgage or rent.  I think I have actually built a pretty perfect situation for this!  Second, I am NOT getting married… that is the number two question, if I am going to ‘make an honest man out of James’.  That is not in the cards, I have been there and done that, I have no desire to make some rash decisions. Third, I will continue working my day job as long as I am able to, my amazing boss helped out a ton by renewing my insurance which I was going to let lapse because it is about double what it was before (it was already ridiculously priced).  Obama care is sure hurting small businesses OR leaving them little choice but to hang their employees out to dry, that is my personal take after doing my research but this is probably not the best venue to discuss that in.  I was really glad I got this surprise a couple weeks before I let my insurance lapse… that could have been pretty bad.

I DO intend on monetizing this blog a little more, please Do NOT feel obligated to contribute at all if you don’t find value in what I decide to do and I hope this doesn’t turn anyone away.  Since I have more expenses coming up and some time off of work that I will have to make up for, it’s made this a great time to start exploring that option and to get those floor plans available for download as well as a couple other things I have thought of that would be helpful to someone just getting into tiny houses.   I will be having some information for download relatively soon.   I will work out the details as I go there but I think the plan is still to have them be a donation based ‘fee’ so you can pay for the value you get from the material.

I do believe that Denny will be a big help in this whole thing, I am pretty stoked that I got him when I did otherwise I probably never would have coughed up the money for him.  He loves kiddos and will be past a good portion of the dopey puppy stage by the time baby gets here and I think he will be he most excellent family protector!

So, this weekend mom and I went shopping for fabric, the tradition is to make a baby quilt.  She is pretty excited and that makes me pretty excited, I think my brother may even get in on the action (both of my brothers are pretty stoked to be uncles!).  So we were going through ideas and settled on a jungle animal quilt.  I had no idea at that point that this was the ‘in’ theme… I feel so trendy!  Seriously, after a trip to Babies’R Us everything is just a variation of jungle baby animals, baseball jungle, music jungle, pastel jungle… and on and on and on.  No baby will have a quilt as awesome as mine though!

I am going to draw some baby animals, we picked out some fabric and will put it together.  We are going to make the ears and tongues and or tails etc. tags so that baby can play with them and it can be used as a play pad too.   Here are some pictures of where we are, more updates to come:




    1. I encourage you to do more research on Obamacare. It has enlightened me that my company is lying to me about my insurance, and probably in collusion with the insurer. They claim to be paying 80% of my premiums, for a policy that doesn’t pay for diagnostics until I hit $4,000 out of pocket, and pays nothing until I hit $750 out of pocket. I pay $160 per month, so that means if they are both telling the truth, the premium is
      $800 per month. The recent reports from California show someone my age can buy a better policy for $327 per month. Before I believe Obamacare is bad, I want to see what it does in my state, which hasn’t yet happened and won’t for about 2 more years. Best of luck in your parenthood endeavors, I think the glimpse of you that you have shared shows you will be an awesome mom.

  1. Well this is all very exciting! I was like you. I wasn’t really good with kids, especially not babies, and I was actually worried my baby wouldn’t like me! Heh. When it’s yours it makes all the difference in the world. You’ll be fine. You’re a pretty awesome person and that kid will definitely have a mother to be proud of.

  2. Congratulations! Like you, I had never held a baby when I had my twins. Neither had my husband. We had spent the whole pregnancy reading up on pregnancy and birth, so my only advice would be to also read a book on baby care and development before the baby arrives. ; ) But it very quickly becomes second nature, believe me.

    1. Personally forget about all the things you “should have” for the baby. After having one myself here are the basics I think you really need in no particular order…a soft toy preferably organic cotton to be used for snuggling with and teething when it happens, I found having our daughter chew on pizza crust worked the best, a few diaper pads for either the bed or just to change baby on, a breast pump that you can plug in or battery operated, a few changes of clothes just in case of diaper blow out, socks for little feet, diapers and lots of them if you use cloth then expect lots of washing if not expect to drop lots of $$ for disposables. Use disposables at night if you really want to try and get some sleep once baby is sleeping through the night.
      Congratulations and I am so sorry! Babies whether they are twins or you have one or more are a bit of work but they will be the love of your life and will save you from wanting to “kill them ” when they get older or mark on the wall or whatever. Kidding seriously.

  3. Congrats! Keep it simple though…don’t get sucked into the consumer ‘baby industry’. You don’t need a crib at all; having the baby sleep with you makes it easier to breastfeed (which is also simpler and healthier and cheaper!). Alternatively, you can use a basket, a box, whatever, that is snug and cozy.

  4. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing and choosing life for your baby. Allow your mothering instincts to guide you. You may not know it now but you do have them inside you. Reading books on raising children are also a good idea. Just remember to use your own common sense and that every child is an individual and unique person so not all ideas for raising children will fit yours. Most of all love your baby with all your heart. I do not know where your relationship with God is, but letting Him into your life will help tremendously (personal experience talking here), for the challenges ahead.

  5. I’ve got a friend who got a Great Dane a couple months before he and his wife had their son. They get along great, and his Great Dane is really sweet too! I hope you’re able to wade through all the advice comments and do your own thing!

  6. Can’t lie..the fact your opening line was “I got knocked up”… just made me love you that much more.

    I am SO excited for you, and I’m sure we can swap stories how living in tiny houses with little people is 🙂 Like a few people said above, you really don’t need all the “stuff” that so many people THINK you do. While, obviously, I’m sure most people you know are down with understanding your tiny lifestyle…just make it known what you actually need…save receipts from gifts! I returned SO much (I feel bad saying that…but what kid needs 12 blankets?) and ended up with $300 to spend on diapers instead. CAN’T WAIT. Can you make it’s middle name tiny? You will totally get some press for THAT 😉

  7. Wow! Cool! And congrats!! Heightened sense of smell off charts???? Hmmmm….sounds like twins to me! I have twin boys and my daughter. Wasn’t that bad with my daughter but with the boys…WOW was it bad!
    I am excited that you will continue living in your sweet little home! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Looking forward to reading all about it. Well wishes for you throughout the pregnancy!

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