Update 6.17.13

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We are fast approaching my one year anniversary of when I thought my tiny house would be done!  Hahaha!  June 20, 2012 was the target date when I kicked this project off.  Things certainly could have gone faster in spots but also slower in others.  I feel like things have worked out as they should.  I still have work to do but it has slowed down ever so slightly to start to include projects outside of the tiny house.

Tonight James and I went and got plants for our mini garden.  The goal was to get the big lump of dirt that was acting as the step into the tiny house out of the way so we could put a puppy barrier against it in preparation for Denny and then build some steps this weekend (I still am not certain if I will have him this weekend or next, the breeder needs to get back to me).  It was a success!

We had a very nice visit from our neighbors early on in the night who saw us out gardening and brought us a flat of plants.  Extremely nice!  Some great tomato plants, peppers, basil and the pretty flowers that I always seem to forget.   I am not letting down too many roots in permanent soil until I know how the neighborhood reacts.  This years’ garden is in pots still, much like my apartment life.  Except the peas, which are going to grow up the side of my house.  We got four types of tomatoes, jalapenos, spicy banana peppers, red and white onions, sugar snap peas, oregano, basil, and thyme.  We reused some pots that James and I both had laying around, mixed the dirt dug up for the composting toilet with some peat moss and planted!

We got done with enough time to think about getting rid of some of those bushes we had previously cut down.  It worked so well last time that we thought we would have a quick fire in the fire-pit.  Then we had a visit with a less than friendly neighbor who was  really terrible at calling people names and not very happy we were having a fire when it was ’90 degrees out’.  Apparently ‘suck head’ is something that some people call other people, among other things… Had he come over and said hey, ‘can you not do that’  it would have been much better received… That’s not what happened though, instead I got to know the neighborhood jerk a little, he made fun of my tiny house and called us things that didn’t make sense, which is both funny and infuriating.  I blows my mind that some people think its acceptable to treat other people like that for any reason, let alone something that is perfectly legal and not really any of his business… From the sounds of it we aren’t the only enemies in the neighborhood he has made though.   You win some you lose some…

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  1. Just mention to another blogger that next year I want a container garden. Are you planning on canning at all? If so how would you store these preserves? Please update on your garden I’m curious on about your success. As always I enjoy your musings, Happy Blogging.

    1. I plan on attempting to can for the first time this year! I started gardening about three years ago is all and I haven’t been very good at it but it is something I desperately want to become great at and canning is an important part of that to me… even with container gardening I have found I always have this big push of food at the end of the growing season and most of it just goes to waste which drives me nuts! So yes, I will be making some of those mistakes this year when it comes to canning, but I will get better!

  2. I always feel very upset when I have to deal with rude, hostile people. So my sympathies to you! I try to remember to breathe, and I always tell myself that someone so unpleasant is probably not a truly happy person.

    1. I didn’t think it was that bad at first, James went to the side to talk to him but then he started yelling about my house and I figured it wasn’t going that well… By the time I left the fire to go talk to him he was storming off yelling weird combinations of words… James was way more upset by him than I was because he had to deal with him more, I felt bad. We will just kill him with kindness, my guess is you’re absolutely right, something is going on and he just needed to take some of that anger out somewhere, that is the only rational that I can think of why someone would just instantly come at a stranger like that…

    1. Hahaha! we think too much alike, that was exactly what I said to James! Fortunately he is a good leveler for me… He was pissed but keeps a pretty level head… which is probably good for when I am trying not to make waves in the neighborhood! 🙂 And hey, we got to meet one really nice set of neighbors, it’s only fair that gets leveled out with one jerk! 🙂

  3. That really stinks that you had to deal with an unhappy person. I have learned, from extensive experience in various service industries, and from my own eclectic life experiences…that 99% of the time, YOU or what you did, is not really the reason the person is behaving as they are. Chances are, that guy has been miserable for many years, maybe because of his mortgage. 😉 So brush it off in the same manner as the words that came from his mouth- easily and without thought. Instead, feel bad for the guy…giving so much of his energy to anger and frustration (which is totally a CHOICE) because all he can seem to concern himself with are what others do around him.

    Keep your head high and keep forging a path for the rest of us (like me n Dan!). I read your posts almost daily and I look forward to when my blog posts will be about what types of designs or materials we want to use for the interior!

    1. Thank you, you are very right!
      I appreciate your kind words, it sure takes a lot to get to that point and looking back, it was fun even when I wasn’t getting to pick the finishing touches! I sort of miss those parts, I never did while I was there though! I love watching your progress as well! Thank you for your kindness!

  4. Always a joy to meet the neighborhood jerk (not). Your fire was not making it any hotter for him unless he was within 3 feet of it. As far as his dog or any dog pooping on your property I have a suggestion. After a thorough watering of your yard to get ride of the existing scents feel free to apply Cayenne pepper to your perimeter – one sniff and dogs will leave. Replenish as needed. Best of luck.

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