Update 6.14.13

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FLOOD!  I dropped home to grab James to head to my friends rehearsal dinner only to find my house flooded!  A neighbor had messed with the irrigation in the neighborhood and James’s gates were open so it poured into his lot!  RIGHT under my tiny house.  He actually doesn’t even have all of his gates to close it so I we had to do some emergency landscaping in order to give the water some place to flow other than right under my house!  I think we were able to rescue it in time but we missed out on the rehearsal dinner unfortunately (really sorry Lacy and Jed!).   I will be coming up with a plan to limit this in the future, once the mud all dries I will check to see that we are still level and safe with how we are blocked up.   We wee lucky, if the water flowed into the hole where the toilet goes I think that would have sucked!  We were a few inches away from that point.  I shudder to think how bad that could have made things and how much more work that would have been.  I almost didn’t even run home, SUPER glad I did and that we caught this when we did!

I also got my door curtains up and a few other things, here are some pictures:



  1. OMG, nice save! Maybe you need a lot perimeter french drain? Lots of work and material with that, though. Maybe just swales would suffice?
    This accident might be a blessing in disguise, showing you the drainage pattern of a fast snow melt, which would create a swamp of quicksand and a sinking ship (tiny house 🙂

    1. Totally, there are a lot of ways we can use this water and if we use it it wouldn’t run off. It’s a good thing to have the free irrigation water, makes for a cheap garden! Just need to plant!

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