We Fit!

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I actually intended on having more photos for you today but my whole life is a little discombobulated at the moment.  I have personal belongings in four different spots and they aren’t seeming to line up right now.  I do have an update in the works on how things have been since moving but no other images to show you right now other than Guinny and I testing out Denny’s new pad :-), I think he will fit.  He will probably become too tall for it pretty quick but hopefully at that point he will be trained enough to behave pretty well and not ‘have’ to go to his bed, though he may still like to, we will see.

We fit!

As for the move, there are some VERY important things I forgot to even touch on!  First, NOTHING broke.  No tiles popped.  No Sheetrock cracked.  It looks just like it did before inside, so signs even of stress.  We didn’t move too terribly far but I am pretty confident that the results would have been the same had it been a longer journey.

ALSO, there is a link to the right for the Small Home. Big Life. An e-course put on by Drew over at tiny r[E]volutions, it is an affordable intro for someone interested in getting a little more into the tiny house process, it will go over all aspects of planning, financing, safety etc. when it comes to tiny houses.  I have the pleasure of being one of the ‘guest artists’ along with some other great guests!  If Tiny houses are an interest for you but you just aren’t sure if you can or should take that leap this course should be able to help you answer that question for sure, I know it is going to be well worth the 85 bucks.  That Drew is too hard of a worker for it not to be!

Sorry to be sorta MIA but things are hectic! [but oh so great!] 🙂  Hope you all are well!



  1. Congratulations! Love your site, been following you for a while.
    Questions: Is the white siding something special, or just unfinished?
    Are you actually allowed a compost toilet where you are? Or is this subterfuge (I kind of hope so! But of course it’s much more cool if these things are allowed).
    It sounds like you will have town water—-does this mean town sewage for grey water? Or are you going to build a grey water system on such a tiny lot?
    I’m really curious to know where you are, but if you don’t feel comfortable posting that, I surely will understand.

    1. Hi! The white stuff is a root and water barrier, its TPO which is a plastic membrane that is used as roofing mostly on commercial buildings. I went this route since I have a trellis growing up that side of my house to soon hopefully be acting as a modified green roof. it is finished, I wish it came in any other color but white is pretty much it for this scale (larger scale and I could have gotten grey or black… not a lot of options)
      I bought the highest grade composting toilet I could so that if there is a conflict I can defend it. My particular unit is not ‘okayed’ in my area yet though it has been accepted in many jurisdictions. I believe it just hasn’t been brought up here yet. It is a dry toilet so there is no black water to deal with. I don’t have to haul water, I hook up to a potable water drinking hose (which I hope to re-connect this weekend), our water locally is potable, not everyone’s is though. I do have a grey water system which will be used for my garden, it’s not that extensive so I shouldn’t have a problem fitting it under my trailer.
      I am located in Boise, Idaho.
      Thank you so much for your questions, I hope I’ve answered them to your liking, if not I am always up for more ;-). Very nice to hear from ya!

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