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I passed inspection today!  Mr. Adrian Lindsay, the inspector came by, the first word I heard when he pulled up was ‘cool’, so that was a good start.  I have been dreading inspection basically since I started this thing because I had no idea what it entailed… I like to know answers before I start!  He whipped out his tape measure and started looking at things before I even know what he was looking at.  So, I wanted to chronicle the items he took note of.


  • He took down the vin number on the trailer which was previously titled, if it was not it would have been a bigger issue, when you do get your trailer title it right away (I was charged a late fee which you can also avoid by doing this).  Mine was originally titled as a flatbed utility trailer… even though that is not your end goal, title it first anyway, it will save headache.
  • He measured the length and width, Idaho is total length, he mentioned a lot of other states are bed size.  Be sure to fit inside of your states codes, you can find more info on that HERE.
  • He checked out the lights, he did not check to see if they were operable, I do need to add some amber color side lights to the front end of the trailer, turns out there are red ones on the back, amber ones up front which help tell the front from the back at night, I learned that today!
  • He checked out my axles and mentioned they are 7,000 pound axles, I thought they were 5,600 pound each.
  • He made sure on this size of trailer there are electric breaks
  • He checked for safety chains OR a break-away mechanism.


  • He looked at my appliances and noted that I had a gas water heater and stove, looked at the fridge/freezer
  • Took a couple of pictures
  • Asked about heating, I think that is all

Other comments on the inspection, Adrian was nice enough to write me a note to take to the DMV tomorrow and get a plate so that I can move it this weekend but we will be finishing the paperwork next Tuesday.  I asked a few questions.  He mentioned that in general between states there is reciprocity meaning that since I do meet Idaho codes I could drive it through most places without issues, even if I couldn’t necessarily pass their inspection based on size etc.  Each state has little finicky things that they prioritize, like mud-flaps, top amber lights on the front of the trailer, etc.

I think that is all I can remember right now, if I remember something else I will mention it, if you have any other questions go ahead and ask, if I don’t have the answer posted here but I asked I will be sure to pass on th info, if not I will be meeting with him Tuesday and I am not shy to ask him your questions directly :).

In other news, I think I ruined my house!  It’s too dark!  Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but I am really kinda bummed with the color right now, really hoping it lightens up!  I did put a second coat on the doors too, they are looking a little more solid green :), and Dad’s burn looks worse today, ouch!

Here are some pictures:



  1. Congratulations, Macy!! And thank you for the towing tips! P.S. I really like the outside stain… looks classy 🙂

    1. Thank you Teri, I appreciate that, I woke up this morning hoping that it would be slightly lighter, no such luck! Over time it will fade, I’m sure… I hope 🙂

  2. I’m sorry it’s not what you wanted, but I think the darker wood is beautiful!

    And how interesting that they came to you to do the inspection? I guess I just assumed there would be a temporary permit that you would get, in order to drive it to the DMV, to get inspected. Maybe it works differently in different states?

    1. I’m sure it does work different in other states, we have 11 people qualified in the state to do that job and they all have territories, I imagine it would have been different even in a more rural spot here… I do have to pay a $25 inspection fee, I can handle that though 🙂 Thank you for your nice words on the color 🙂

  3. The stain will eventually lighten up, but it looks great darker… 🙂

    The only explanation of why the test pieces turned out lighter, that I can think of is moisture exposure on the pieces of siding vs. different moisture exposure on the test pieces. When wood absorbs moisture from the air it will open the grain in the wood a little more and the stain will penetrate deeper into the wood.

    What I can’t tell from the photographs is how much room you left between the boards for expansion and contraction. Wood grows and shrinks with moisture content. Your siding will take on slightly different appearances depending on seasons and humidity. Especially considering that you designed it as a rain screen…

    1. That is a good point, I was sorely disappointing! 🙂 Seriously hoping it fades soon! I understand that wood only really expands and contracts in the direction opposite of the grain, meaning that they will thicken and perhaps get wider but never really get longer or shorter… Does that sound right? There is somewhat of a gap between them the horizontal direction but they are butted up to one and other on the short side pretty tight. Thanks as always for your encouragement!

  4. Congratulations Macy! I love following your progress through hoops,thank you for writing. I am learning from you just as I embark on mine.

    So, super basic questions here, but so is it licensed as an RV? Who did you call to get the guy to come out? I feel dumb asking those, but…

    Thank you also for writing so honestly – anxiety is normal and it’s good to know everyone has some… : )

    Maybe the dark wood isn’t what you had envisioned but it’s rich and beautiful! But if lighter is what you want, then I hope it lightens for you!

    You are amazing.

    1. No question too basic, sorry, I really should have mentioned that! It IS licensed as an RV, I had three choices, I would have had four if I didn’t integrate my floor in with my trailer, RV, semi trailer, mobile home and I could have gone as a cottage home had it been ‘removable’. I am really not sure what implications that would have had, Adrian said that the best way to go for permitting and parkability was definitely the RV. Mobile homes need their own lot in a mobile home park only, semi trailers are not habitable, cottage homes have to be removed when not mobile and require special permitting/licensing/transferring of title etc. (they apparently go through a whole different set of inspections and it sounds like the building department may possibly get involved… So it is licensed as an RV, long story short :). I initially went down to the DMV to ask about it, they had no idea and gave me Adrian’s card a year and a half ago, I’ve kept it in my purse this whole time :). I called him up a year and a half ago to try to understand the process, he seemed pretty well versed at it really and told me about several of his other tiny house and house boat inspections, apparently Idaho is big for those! Another long story short go first to the DMV (or your states equivalent).
      As always, thank you so much for your kind words about my house! I am so grateful to have such awesome support!

  5. I’m in agreement with the others. I think the darker stain looks fantastic. It might be you were just used to how it looked before and, since this is kind of a dramatic difference, the look is throwing you off. Live with it for a bit and I’ll bet you’ll grow to love it.

    1. Well thank you, I’m glad it seems to be just me that isn’t totally ‘for’ the color, I bet you’re right, it is actually pretty close to what I envisioned, I just got a crush on the natural look 🙂

  6. I think the stain hue is fantastic, but it is almost sure to lighten up as it will regularly be exposed to sunlight, right? Might be better to start a bit darker than your ideal anyway. Sunshine is a fierce predator in terms of exterior paints and stains. : )

  7. macy,
    its been so great to follow your progress…..
    every few years we used to redo our decks and i too hated the first week of it but then i grew to love it…..it does lighten up a bit as it dries fully…..and the sun bleaches it a bit too…..
    your house looks great!!!! have you posted fully furnished inside photos yet? i have not seen them yet……
    i am still in dont know what the flock i am doing with my life…..dont know if i want a movable house….i think i would like a small piece of property and build a small cottage on it…..
    i finally resolved my house in december….my partner bought my half….since i was completely free—no house no boyfriend no job no car (he insisted on buying that too) and i dont like winters here in the northeast i took off for a 5 month backpacking trip through south america and just got back in time to celebrate my b’day on sunday…..now i need to really look and decide what to do about work and where i want to live…..those are big decisions to make and i am waiting for some spiritual enlightenment : )
    what are your plans now?
    where are you putting your little house?
    will you continue blogging?
    thanks for the great blog…..it inspired me as well as many others….
    great job macy…..i wish you luck in all your endeavors…..

    1. MIM! (because I don’t know your real name) I have wondered about you and how you’re doing! It sounds like you’ve been on some amazing journeys, thats so cool that everything has worked out! Welcome back! I don’t have any fully furnished pictures yet because I’m not quite there… closer! I need to build my entertainment center/bookshelf, recover my couch, build my desk and do some kitchen shelves… all in good time, fear not! I will post some! 🙂 I love your idea of the cottage, please stay in touch, I would love to keep track of how it’s going! I am moving my house this Sunday, to a lot downtown, going to see how long I can get away with living on it while I look for a place to buy (with a house so that I could rent it out and get that income), I will definitely keep blogging, i have too many ideas I want to keep track of :). I have some passive energy ideas, some gray-water ideas, definitely gardening (the ‘Farm-Macy’ 🙂 ). I will definitely stay around.
      Thank you so much for your kind words, I am happy you made it back, have a very happy birthday, I’ll be moving my place so we will both have something to celebrate, I will cheers to you when the time comes! 😉

  8. I hope you do continue to blog, Macy. Tiny-houser’s lives in their homes provide a lot of information to others… e.g., what would you do differently next time now that you’re living it? Thanks!

    1. I completely plan on doing exactly that! I feel like there is a missing source of info there! I’m sticking around for a while 🙂

  9. So glad you’ve jumped through the hoops, and are almost ready to hit the road. We are so impressed with your designs, and have borrowed lots of inspiration as we work on completing a tiny home of our own. If interested, our ruminations, photographs, and general progress can be found at http://www.ourtinyhome.us
    Mitchell and Nicholette

    1. You two have an awesome site, I seriously love the style of it, it’s like a love song all dreamy :)… which is totally weird to say, the images are just cool though, I love the upfront tone of it too and you cut to the chase. I can’t wait to read more! And it is so awesome that you tried on tiny before making the plunge! Go you two! or four… 😉

  10. Congrats from me too, Macy. The handsome darker color will hide a multitude of sins and I think it emphasizes the grain of the individual boards, more. And that luscious green “vine siding ” you planted in September (or this spring) will look beautiful with it. By the way, what has happened with the ivy? Brian Formoe

    1. Thank you! I thought they didnt root ( planted them really late, so I tore them out, turns out they were fine. I decided to go with some morning glories though this year, I can see how it goes and tear it out if I don’t like it as well. I am also a little worried that the ivy will be too invasive, it gets ‘branchy’, that white membrane works as a root barrier but I started to think how it would hold up with mature ivy and I’m not sure it would do real well being poked… I may still go that way if I can find a type of ivy that is a little less woody when mature.

  11. I like the stain, it will lighten up. I love…love your little deck!!!
    What made your tiny house an rv?
    I’m not having gas appliances because I can’t live around the gas, I’m afraid my electrical only appliances and composting toilet will hinder me.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      It is an RV in Idaho because it has three plus ‘amenities’, Idaho has a list of what an amenity is, examples are a shower, a toilet, a stove, a bed, an oven, a microwave a desk etc. If you have less than three you can get away just being a utility trailer, the three mark and it pushes you into the RV realm, it wouldn’t matter if they were electric or gas. There is another type he opened my eyes to that was called a ‘cottage home’. If I was starting this over again I would definitely look into that option more, it’s too late for me but I may still look into it anyway. Thanks for the comment, you should be good with electric only and a composting toilet!

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