Update 6.3.13

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I will make this fairly brief, I’ve got to put together a slideshow for our class graduation from Leadership Meridian tomorrow!  I raced daylight tonight and I won!  I got the deck ceiling and the barn door done… well I still have to add the hardware to the door…

Dad also worked his tail off all day to get the axles on, he made pretty good progress but with a couple more hours of work tomorrow then the axles should be in great shape, I may not even be afraid to hop on the expressway… we will see what the driver has to say, and I may wimp out and decide I don’t want to see all my hard work hurling down the road at 6 mph  :).   The DMV inspector is coming out Wednesday to inspect it so I can hopefully be road worthy for the weekend!  I am hoping to get things cleaned up enough tomorrow to get some good photos too, hopefully. 🙂  Here are some pictures!

P.S.  thank you very much Paula for the generous donation!  It is going to help me get this beast licensed!



  1. No, seriously. 90% of tiny houses seem to have ladders and lofts. Fine if you are 20 something and in perfect health. Impossible if you are older, have a disability, balance issue or fear of heights. Then there are the tiny unusable bathrooms. Your bathroom works. Your design is suitable for a much wider range of people. Paula

    1. I agree and appreciate that Paula :). If I had it to do again I would center the steps up into the bed, they are a little tricky to get into so close to the wall, I bet I will get used to it but I naturally sort of lean out on them… I really appreciate your feedback and an stoked you like it!

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