Update 5.31.13

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My trailer moved!  Getting ready for the next steps… As you saw in the last pictures the trailer sits too low for comfort… I was planning on putting some spacers in the axles to raise it up but after some conversations with the trailer folks this was not suggested, now it is a much bigger project.  I also got 6 new [used but better condition] tires because the others make me nervous, they will make good spares though.  So, more to come on this fix later, Sunday is slated for that work, tomorrow, the siding MUST get finished AND it’s the first Shakespeare of the season, excited to see that with my brothers!

I took a video but I am not technical enough to get it uploaded so here are some pictures:



  1. I had to comment, you have a little more space than some builds I have seen, you already have the suspension slump from the weight of the build and looks like you still have more than 2 inches for bump, as long as you drive careful and miss the large potholes (I know that’s getting harder to do), I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you will probably be ok, if not you can cut that limb off and I will go splat!
    Congratulations on reaching finallity on all your hard work, hope the leg and foot are healing and that your moving experience will be a good one!

    1. Thanks so much Mark-
      It turns out I was not comfortable with it so I am changing it. I feel MUCH more comfy going the way I am now. It will just take a little extra work. I still have a tad left to do on the place even after I move but I am definitely in the home stretch! Thank you so much for all your support along the way!

  2. Just as I posted I had an idea, when you know what day you are moving, post it and all of us tiny housers (current owners and wantabes) can collectively send you a wave of positive energy that will coast you right to it’s new spot, just a thought?

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