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BIG weekend! I slept in my tiny house, in my own bed. It as awesome! Very very cool to wake up in a house you built! I have since fixed my front door as well since it wouldn’t latch before, I thought that was pretty important.

The first annual Mini Maker Faire was this weekend, at which I gave a presentation on the construction of my house, I think it went fairly well especially considering my nerves. There seems to be A LOT of people in the valley interested in this sort of living solution. I was very surprised! There were people that came down just to see me and talk to me, what an awesome feeling. One couple drove from Elko Nevada to see me and one of the other presenters, very cool people. They drove up in their bus which is being converted to their second tiny house currently. The were SO nice and even gave me a tour of their work in progress, I have attached them below. For all of you that I met and talked to, thank you for making that such a great experience!

I did get rained out from finishing my siding this weekend but James and I got plenty of other stuff done!  On Friday dad finished all of the plumbing and even got the tires  put on the wheels.  I have the sneaking suspicion that I will need to add a spacer in the axles so that the tires aren’t hitting the trailer, that is yet to be known though.  We got all the cupboards cut out and drawer faces, I still need to build 10 drawers but we got a great jump on that stuff!  I got started on sewing some curtains too!

In other news Denny is getting big and strong, now 4 weeks old he is halfway to the age he needs to be to fly over!

Here are some pictures



  1. Wow! Congrats Macy! It’s amazing to see it all come together 🙂 so happy for you and also the inspiration you will be for others 🙂

  2. Macy!!!! I am so excited for you! the house looks awesome! It’s been so fun watching the whole process. It’s really gorgeous! High five.

  3. Macy, congratulations! I am so happy to see you set some impressive goals, and watch you cross the ‘finish line’, you are an amazing woman, and it has been a thrill to follow you as you realized your dream.

    1. Thanks so much Bruce, there is still a little bit to do, I need a toilet before it’s ‘official’ 🙂 Thank you for all of your support along the way, I have loved getting to know people just like you throughout this whole project! 🙂

  4. I think the things I love most about your house is the spacious feeling, the large number of windows and the really accessible bed platform. Your design is really great and I just love the image heavy posts!

  5. It’s looking so great
    Curious that you have a king size bed, I love tha it fits but it takes up so much space
    I use a 3/4 size mattress — you can find them online they are 6″ smaller than a full size– in width-plenty of space for one person
    You have done such an awesome job
    Wish I lived nearby to see you and your home in person
    Best to you

    1. I have a king sized bed because that is what I already had, it is also an extremely comfy bed, I am not always very good at sleeping so it’s nice to find a mattress that I sleep well on, sometimes I wish it was smaller but I am glad I was able to accommodate it. This house is designed for two full time occupants and a Great Dane, who I tend to let in bed, I think it will all be well used :).
      If you are ever in the area get in touch! I’d love to show it off to you in person! 🙂

  6. It cracks me up that you got a huge dog for your mini house! p.s. Are you joining me and Sage for the first book club? Book: The Dogs of Babel.

    Also – Now that I’ve met you and am reading your mini house blog, I can’t help but look around at our giant house full of stuff! Where would we put it, were we to move into a mini house? I tossed out 4 boxes of stuff today. Thank you for the mini-motivation!

        1. Absolutely! That is awesome! My vote would be for beginning of July since I will be moving between then and now 🙂 That looks like a very sad but good book!

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