Update 5.21.13

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Just a quick update today, but a BIG one!  I have water!  Dad worked on my plumbing while I was away at work yesterday, I come home to a hose hooked up :).  It’s not complete yet but plumbing my tiny house is a BIG job.  There is the main water line which feeds to the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the shower and the water heater and back around in a loop fashion :).  On top of that is the gas plumbing which will now come from a propane tank sitting under my trailer, up to the water heater inside and the stove.

Aside from that, James also came out and helped me with more siding… we only got a few more rows put up but every little bit helps!  I seem to have broke my planer (not before cutting another finger 😉 ), I need to figure that out and then I will get the barn door finished.

Thank you dad and James!

Here are some pictures:


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