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My next mission has been the siding and/or the plumbing (as dad is able to help), well dad was able to help and I believe I will have water soon!  Crazy.  Once I have a shower I will be living in there, even if I don’t quite have my toilet yet :).  So, I meant to paint out the cabinet Monday night and i totally spaced it, which is a bummer because dad had some time to work yesterday, he was trying to surprise me with a working shower yesterday which was really really sweet, but I messed up,  I didn’t paint the counter space which will just help with it being a moist area.  He still did a TON of work that is very exciting!  He dry fitted some stuff and prepped the water heater.  I got home and painted out the cabinet.  It will be a little while longer I think, he’s got some busy days but that was sure a cool surprise, even though I didn’t really get a bunch done personally I feel like a lot go done! 🙂  Thanks Dad!  Here are some pictures:

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  1. Are you going to have to route that Eccotemp vent outside the house? I’m pretty sure the answer’s yet, but I’ll be getting the same one, and I wasn’t sure if it would require another vent or not. Makes sense that it would, since it’s got fire on the inside.

    1. I am, they give you a vent kit with it but I actually have to re-route mine a little so I have had to order a little longer vent, they recommend that you keep it as short as possible and they also say that you shouldn’t vent it within 4′ of any operable door or window. I don’t think that there is ANY place on my house I could put it if that were the case though so I am going to be venting out the porch and building a scupper-ish thing and also installing a CO2 detector. It ought to work ok 🙂

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