Update 5.4.12

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Lots of odds and ends today… really avoiding that siding :)… Soon.

Some pictures:



  1. What is the brand of your washer/dryer?
    Did yo already talk about this and I missed it?
    Your place is really looking cute,roomy and organized to be a perfect home!

    1. It is a summit, I can’t remember the model but I posted a picture in the latest entry… Sorry, I will try to get a link up as soon as I can.

  2. I just love seeing a floor plan that is so different from other tiny houses. I love the way you set up your sleeping loft, the beautiful overall view of your house and the gorgeous windows throughout! Your kitchen plant ledge is genius.

  3. Macy, I am totally loving it!!! All of it! I especially like your countertop and how it wraps down the end. Perfect.

    What kind of water heater did you end up going with? It looks so small! Which is awesome.

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