Update 4.24.13

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Tile!  The horizontal surfaces ALL have tile! I have also cut all the baseboard tile and the door trim.  Tomorrow I install that and hopefully start/finish cutting all the shower tiles. My next few days entail a lot of work… well I suppose the next few weeks really… Here is my short term plan.  Tomorrow, I install the baseboard tile and cut the shower tiles.  Friday, I grout.  Saturday I can either stay inside and tile the shower and paint the trim OR I can start getting siding ready, possibly paint the trim, I suppose it will depend on the weather.  Through the next week it will be focusing on those items as well… Push push push!

On a different note, I was considering some options… I am kicking around the idea of buying a property downtown to park my house behind.  There are honestly some places that would be cheaper to buy than even to rent some space from a backyard… There is a whole tricky system to this, especially financing for me… I have a foreclosure fairly recently as far as banks are concerned… the idea though is that I could lease out the house, ideally covering the mortgage payment and living for free behind the place… I have a couple properties that I am going to look into further… what are your thoughts on this concept though?  It seems like free equity so long as I carry the burden of the mortgage and upkeep… but especially when you compare mortgage to rent… it’s possible to be making money off of the deal… One of the properties I am looking at would have a 15 year mortgage payment of 383 and I could probably rent the house out for 675… Making a couple/few hundred bucks a month and parking for free… hmmm… seems like a fairly easy call…

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  1. WOW, I generally don’t care for the dark floors but yours are looking good, you must be seeing light at the end of the tunnel by now! If you have a chance to buy, I would say do it!

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