Update 4.11.13

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It was sorta a lazy night, well as much as I ever have those… mostly because I am SORE!  I’m not sure what exactly I did to strain every muscle in my legs but I feel like I was doing squats for 5 hours yesterday!  I took the opportunity to get a decent jump on my trellis, there is lots more to do but it only took about an hour to get this far so it should be done soon :).


So, to not feel so bad about not doing a ton of work I took the opportunity to think through my process on how to wrap this project up!

Announcement! I was accepted to be a keynote speaker at Boise’s first ever Mini Makers Faire which is pretty darn exciting! (I will probably be asking for advice on getting together some sort of presentation on this in the near future)  It takes place over Memorial Day weekend so I have decided that would be a good goal to be complete by (May 25th and 26th).  In order to make that happen though I need a game plan, the following is a list of the items left to finish and my estimation of time if applicable:

Trellis (3 hours)

Tile Floor

  • Install heat tape (4 hours)
  • Apply mortar bed (2 hours plus sitting overnight)
  • Install tile (8 hours)

Tile Shower

  • Apply RedGaurd (1 hour plus sitting overnight)
  • Install tile (8 hours)


  • Cut cabinet doors (2 hours)
  • Paint cabinets (6 hours)
  • Build drawers (10 hours)
  • Install pulls (2 hours)
  • Bookshelf (3 hours)


  • De-nail boards (20 hours)
  • Rip boards to size (4 hours)
  • Plane boards (4 hours)
  • Install Siding (16 hours)

Connect Plumbing 

  • Shower
  • Lav
  • Kitchen

Fix the Electrical I messed up (4 hours)

Install Toilet (3 hours)

Replace Tires (trip to the store)

Front Electrical Closet Doors (3 hours)

I have approximately 6 weeks to complete it in the timeframe, 2 and a half of those weekends I will be out of town or unavailable so this will be a tight squeeze and mostly weeknights after work!  It has been getting much easier to work on it now that things are getting all prettied up!  Each checkmark affects the aesthetics, it’s pretty neat for me.

Last night I was able to just sit and relax in the bed area, it equalled a pretty zen moment and an incredible feeling of pride!  That’s it for now!




  1. It’s looking great! Secretly, I’m trying to beat you to the finish line, but if we both finish, we both win! Jess and I just laid in our loft for about an hour two days ago. It was fantastic.

    1. Hahaha! I am secretly trying to beat lots of people, including you! 🙂 We tiny-housers are a competitive kind of person, friendly but competitive 🙂

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