Update 4.8.13

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Pretty simple update tonight, nothing fantastically exciting… it was too windy to even unload my truck… er I mean prius…  Seriously, if I would have tried to get these unloaded I would fly away… the wind knocked me over not once but twice by catching my damn flip-flop and pulling it out from under me…. yet another reason to not wear flip-flops…. I think not!

So, instead of dealing with that I started my plants for my vegetated wall.   Here are some pictures:



  1. Macy, HOLY RECYCLED WINE BOTTLES! I adore your previous post — what a brilliant idea 🙂

    I’m going to be starting some plants today too 🙂 I have a question that lots of people ask me when they learn I want a living roof:

    what’s the deal when the plants hit highway speeds?

    Do you think they will hold up or do you plan to put some sort of cover over it during transit?

    Sending good thoughts your way 🙂 Happy springtime!


    1. Great question, honestly I don’t want that liability, plant falling off on a car behind me and wrecking it would not be good. This trellis is intended to be semi temporary, for ease of planting and cleaning up the garden as well. I plan on just cutting all the strings and clipping it down when it’s time to move. I would think you could cover it up for driving and just take back roads but I’m not sure how comfy I am with that really… I am testing it out to see how it works, if it is a success I may put up some more permanent cables for the trellis part, we will see how it goes though… I guess the short answer is I am not comfy driving with plants on it so I have designed it to be able to take them off. 🙂 Happy almost spring-time, its pretty fricking cold here today!

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