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Today my blog is one year old!  Happy Birthday MiniMotives!  I want to do a quick review of WordAds, because I don’t see too many specific reviews out there.  This is a free wordpress site and as such advertising is not allowed, UNLESS you apply and use their propitiatory service, WordAds.  You have to go through an application process so they can make sure you don’t use foul language etc.  Then, if you get selected then you get to make small increments of money based off of seemingly random requirements.  Nothing is outlined specifically anywhere but I figured ‘it’s free money, why not see how it goes…’  Here are the results so far, 4 months in.   I wouldn’t exactly say its ‘worth it’, but worth finding out for sure.

Site Views

You can see for the last four months my page view counts are:

Oct: 27,975

Nov: 31,069

Dec: 34,851

Jan: 23,715

Site Earnings

According to WordAds I had the following amount of ‘impressions’ in that time (I am not sure what exactly and Ad Impression is, they don’t outline that anywhere):

Oct: 27,975 page views = 7169 impressions

Nov: 31,069 page views = 996 impressions

Dec: 34,851 page views = 5581 impressions

Jan: 23,715 page views = 3118 impressions


Now WordAds does say it pays more for views in certain countries than other countries, European and USA views are the biggest payout (which is 99% of my audience).   So, lets see the math to see about how much each ad impression works out to…

Oct: 27,975 page views – 7169 impressions = $2.39 = .000085 cents/view and .00033 cents/impression

Nov: 31,069 page views – 996 impressions = $5.42 = .00017 cents/view and .0054 cents/impression

Dec: 34,851 page views – 5581 impressions = $0.97 = .000028 cents/view and .00017 cents/impression

Jan: 23,715 page views – 3118 impressions = $2.79 = .000075 cents/view and .00089 cents/impression

As you can see, there is absolutely NO logic I can apply to this to try to figure out a pattern… My highest viewed month is by far the lowest pay out, the lowest number of ad impressions equals the highest pay out… I will be tracking this a little bit longer I guess to see if it evens out or something but right now just know that you would be MUCH better off using some other service which would mean NOT using a site because other services are not allowed.

It’s important to note also that NONE of this money is paid out until the total amount owed is equal to at least $100 bucks.  At this rate, in about 3 years I will get a check for $100 bucks.  I have gotten a couple emails from independent advertising agencies to pay me to post their ads, none of them align at all with the focus of this website and therefore won’t be entertained.  With all that being said I am interested in advertising products/services that DO align with my site so let me know if you know of any interested individuals or companies.

The first that I approached is Soap For Goodness Sake.  Even though they are not in a position to advertise on my site it is certainly a great example of something I would like to help perpetuate.  They are easily the BEST soap and shampoo I have ever used and will work very well with sensitive plumbing systems such as mine.  It’s great to have a soap that makes me feel clean (that dirty camping look is a no go professionally) but that I know won’t be effecting my garden when I use my greywater for my plants.   I’d still like to do a shout out to them! 🙂

In summary, don’t expect much from WordAds 🙂



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  1. I would guess the ads on the site had different value to the advertiser, some pay for just views, some pay per click, and some pay different rates for both. Some ad programs work by the ad is sold for a set price, and the amount paid out for each visit is decided out from the total price paid by the advertiser. If say Alaska Airlines pays $5000 for an ad, and mom and pop store down the street can only pay $50 a month for their advertising budget, if their ads are viewed the same number of times then obviously the Alaska airlines ad will generate more per page view. Impressions is just another way to say someone clicked on the ad… Impressions are typically worth more than views…

    1. Actually, Impressions are the number of times an ad is displayed, whether it is clicked on or not.

      The two most common adverting models are Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression – but WordAds may have it’s own formula?

  2. Hi! I just got WordAds this week and been reading negative blogs above their method of payment – or lack thereof – convinces me all the more to find my own advertisers to add to them.

    1. I actually need to do an update on this, I have GOOD advice on it, I have made a few thousand dollars over the last several months through WordAds, it seems to grow into itself a bit in my experience. I will do an update soon, thank you for the reminder!

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