Who is Going To Be Number 100?

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I wanted to do a post about some of the tiny house individuals who I have really enjoyed over the last year.  To me their websites are always encouraging and inspiring!  There is of course my staples like Laura and Matt in their 120 s.f. mansion, the Odom’s at Tiny R(e)volutions, Ryan at The Tiny Life, I always love to hear from Carrie ad Shane at Clothesline Tiny Homes, and I love reading about Ella’s adventures with her Tiny Yellow Door, there are SO many others I could mention but I’ll let that list end there.  Here are the top 10 websites that came to mind, in no particular order that I have been keeping my eyes on recently.  They are all worth taking a look at!

Ben at Small Home Big Life 

I have been following Ben’s project since we started building, right around the same time, he built his trailer from scratch so it took the same amount of time as me taking my home-made trailer apart (He’s way faster than I am).  I appreciate his honesty, he has not been shy about mishaps that have happened along the way (including an ER visit).  I try to stop by his site every once in a while, there are great updates!

Chris & Melinda with The Golden Tiny House

Chris and Melinda are some really creative people who are into photography and painting, it’s been fun to learn about them as people and watch their tiny house go up!  They are a cool couple and really engaged in the tiny house community :).

Casey over at The Rich Life

Casey flies at jet speeds.  I have been impressed at how quick he goes yet still he provides quality updates that cut through all the flowery talk and expose the facts of the issue and decisions at hand.  Nothing seems to be too much to accomplish!  Awesome posts and another excellent documentation of a house the is starting to wrap up and cross the finish line!

Zach and Co. at Charleston Tiny House 

Zach and his adorable dog are going to be famous in Japan, I hear :).  The Golden Elephant is  a project I have identified with a little more than some.  We have similar siding only his is finished and mine has not really started.  He’s got a unique design, I am excited to start seeing the inside come together.  I always enjoy the funky/random/uplifting updates from Zach!  You can also learn about La Casita through CTH.

Ethan at The Tiny House (.net)

I have been speaking with Ethan off and on since I started my house just over a year ago.  He is full of knowledge and questions, if you are looking for someone who is doing all the ‘right’ things you can gain a lot from Ethan, he has done a TON of research.  He doesn’t post super often but his posts carry a lot of valuable information!

Kacie at Treading Tiny 

I LOVE reading Kacie’s posts, she has a great voice throughout that makes it really easy to follow, and giggle.  She is not shy about exposing the ups and downs, and she’s building with a kiddo in mind, that is an interesting perspective I can hardly wait for more from Kacie!

Kristie [in my town!] at Tiny House On The Prairie

Kristie is one of the most independent, creative and ‘hands-on’ gals I know of, she makes the most amazing cloths and also built her house from scratch, for cheap!  She’s recently put on a tiny addition [the house is still well within the ‘tiny’ definition even with the addition] and bought a piece of property to live on.   She’s got great updates and inspiration!

‘Uncle’ Bob with Towed Haul

I always enjoy chatting with Bob, I found his site early on in my build too, I try to communicate often.  He built his tiny house for completely different reasons than everyone else I know of and it’s up for sale as I write this [I think], so he can build a second one!  I have seen some preliminary ideas for his second house and I think it will be amazing… I am excited to see that unfold in the future.

Hari and Karl from The Tiny House Family

This family is fun to follow along and they are in the process of building again.  I think it’s great to follow people who have been through the rodeo [of building a tiny house] and sign up again to either expand or start over, I think there is a lot to be gleamed from that knowledge.  I think we will see a lot of ‘wish I would have done ‘this’ the first time’ getting implemented.  I love their updates and seeing their great strides toward their second hand made house!

Christopher with HabitatHole

Christopher has recently become a part of the tiny house community and I have had the opportunity to speak with him a few times.  I am excited to see what he brings to light.  He is full of great questions and big plans, definitely one to keep your eye on.

I just love the folks at beaverbrook.com

This is like ‘comfort food’ for me, I love browsing this site, the images are stunning, it just makes my soul feel good.  I feel like I know these people through their images, which is weird to say.  Their project is just perfect.

And two brand new one’s I’ve only recently found that I am digging:


I had the idea to do this initially but not enough drive to actually do the footwork on it.  This site is a super well done, way better than I could wish to pull it off, it’s sort of pinterest meets tiny house blog – wish list/product list.   I check back often for updates.

Audrey and Thomas at Trying on Tiny

I have only very recently found them!  Right now they are my current obsession, I’ve been digging through their site whenever I have time, its a great layout and I am looking forward to getting to know them through their tiny house experience.

There are so many I haven’t mentioned, you can always find more in the ‘tinyhousers’ link to the left, I have listed 99 tiny house builds there, I would love to learn of new builders, any help???  Who am I missing, I know there are PLENTY of folks that I haven’t stumbled upon yet.  

And for those of you that I DO have listed, do I have your FAQs?  I am getting a solid list of information from people but I always want more :).   To download the .doc file with all the questions you can follow the link at the top of this page then email it back to me at mizacy@gmail.com and I’ll get your FAQs up ASAP.




  1. Hi Macy, Thank you for gathering all these folks together! I (like everybody else) seem to have so little time to search for like-minded people, this is a fantastic post.

  2. Oh – thank you! Mine is the embarrassingly largest, weighing in at 400 square feet 🙂 I never dreamed i could live in a SMALLER place (smaller that 300 sq feet) until I started reading everyone else’s experiences. When my son builds his tiny house, I will ‘downgrade’ (really an ‘upgrade!) to a tinier house.

    1. Personally, with a kiddo 400 s.f. is amazing to me! I think it’s great that there are people that make tiny work for them… your 400 s.f. will hit more people as ‘do-able’ than a 200 s.f. place might, and that is a positive effect! 🙂 I love it!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my husband! I’m Casey Friday’s wife. It’s funny, we look at everyone else’s blogs (including yours) and think “Gah, we are going SO SLOWLY!” Reading this today was a big burst of energy for us both, so thank you. 😀

  4. You’re too kind, Macy. It’s such an inspiration to see you smiling through this whole process. Sometimes I feel like smashing things with my 22oz framing hammer, but when it’s done, I’m sure I’ll be happy as a clam.

    You’re in my top 6 list of tiny house blogs to obsess over as well!

  5. Macy, not a day goes by that I do not visit one of your sites, and learn something new, enjoy an ah-ha moment, always find myself feeling joy. The whole notion of a Tiny House is singularly unique, made especially so by your perceptions, purpose and passion.

    1. Thanks Bruce! I am glad you are getting sucked into the tiny house notion more and more each day, it is an addiction! 🙂 There are far worse things though! So are you further plotting how to make your own?

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