Update 12.30.12

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In this weeks progress!  I have some exciting metal work beginning!  I found a more cost effective solution for my shower floor as well.  Painting is also complete and outlets are back in…. now I need to re-figure out how to wire my two-way switches.  They are tricky but then I’ll have my own lights in there too!
Below is a list of the metal I ordered, I was happy to find out the total came to about $140 bucks, that combined with the reclaimed hard wood floor that Stacey found makes for some pretty cheap furniture!
Barndoor (not shown)
5/8″ flatbar
(1) 6′-8′ (barndoor)

5/8″ flatbar: 

(8) 1′ sections (Stairs)
(1) 20″ section (dresser base) (might need to be angle?)
(2) 72″ sections (dresser base) (might need to be angle?)
5/8″ Angle Iron

(5) 4′ sections (dresser height)
(1) 88.5″ section (back of dresser)
(8) 16.5″ sections (front of steps)
(2) 18″ sections (side of steps)
(2) 24″ sections (side of steps)
(4) 30″ sections (side of steps)
(1) 20″ section (top of dresser)
(1) 12″ section (top of dresser)
1 1/2″ T-Bar

(1) 88.5: section (top of dresser)
(1) 8″ section (top of dresser)
5/8″ flatbar:
(2) 22″ sections (sink)
(2) 34″ sections (sink)  (may not need??)
(1) 10′ section (large shelf bracket some sort of peg to go inside it)  (may not need??)
(1) 5′ section (small shelf bracket some sort of peg to go inside it)  (may not need??)
5/8″ Angle Iron
(5) 22″ sections (ends and stove)
(1) 10′ section (kitchen edge)
(1) 38″ section (kitchen edge)
(2) 5′ sections (smaller shelf)
(2) 10′ Sections (large shelf)
5/8″ Tube Steel
(5) 12″ sections (kitchen shelves)
1 1/2 T-Bar
(1) 10′ section (kitchen edge)
(1) 38″ section (kitchen edge)
I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year! Here are some pictures:


  1. This is looking fantastic! I’ve been working on my own tiny-house designs and being able to see your process is pretty helpful when making all the considerations for my own plans.

    Are you planning on smoothing down the top of the rocks so that the floor of your shower is level or leaving them bumpy and uneven to create a more visceral texture?

    1. Thank you! I’m gad you find my build helpful! Do you have a site documenting your process by chance?
      I am keeping the rocks as is, it’s actually pretty comfortable to stand on the stones, I was curious and a bit worried about keeping them bumpy but with testing it out an lots of encouragement I’m going for it, I will be sure to update about if that was a good idea or not :). I am told by a few people that it is a great massage for your feet!

      1. I’m currently only in the planning (and saving money) stages, but am using the blog format to help me keep track of my research. I’m over at http://luminautilus.wordpress.com/ but there’s not very much there at the moment.

        I’ve found that with the planning stages of a Tiny House, one has to fully consider *everything,* since every little use of space and energy can make the difference between workable or unworkable.

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