Best Christmas Gift Ever

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With Christmas upon us and in my efforts to minimalize my life this year I stumped my family, they had no idea what to get me now that I have pared down all of my belongings.  I am fortunately at a point that I can make a little bit of cash go a long way so I had a very lucrative Christmas which will help me finish up my house!

That wasn’t good enough for Nate though, the following is the trail to my Christmas gift from Nate.  I have to say, it was the funnest gift I’ve ever received and that war is on… I will definitely be stealing this idea for Nate’s gifts in the future, the more ridiculous the better!!

[New family tradition?? I think so]  Thank you Nate!

Macy M
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    1. My brother is the most creative person I know of! I love gift cards too, I would have been totally content if there was nothing in the box but how anti-climactic would that have been 🙂 Merry Christmas Kristie!

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