Update 12.20.12

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It’s been a while, here is an update though.  There has been a lot of ‘other stuff’ going on the last couple weeks but I did manage to get a little bit done.  Tonight I textured the walls, they look awesome!  I was surprised how fast it went and how easy it was.  I originally had planned on doing smooth walls, turns out it takes a lot more skills than I have to make that look good.  Texture is a convenient way to cover all the inconsistencies.  AND, as a bonus, its the same as my families texture at home so it feels more ‘homey’ already!

This weekend I am going to paint the walls, and either start in on the tiles or the window trim.  Either way it is going to take a little more money and I am running a bit short on that these days!  Turns out broken backs are expensive… who knew?  I will work it out though and forge on!

Heres to hoping the world doesn’t end in just under 7 hours, everyone have a fun and SAFE holiday!  Here are some pictures:

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