Update 12.9.12

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I just have a quick update, nothing too special, I haven’t been feeling too well lately, not really sure why, I can’t seem to get all the way better no matter how hard I try! I did manage to get some stuff done though, here are the pictures:



  1. a friend of mine has these stones in mat form to step on after the shower….hits your reflexology points…might get too slippery inside the shower…..try standing on it barefoot and see if you like it…..also while wet…
    macy drink a glass or two of some fresh green juice to give your immune system a good jolt….juice a handful of spinach or kale a stick of celery a cucumber a green apple a small piece of ginger and a small piece of lemon… is delicious and nutritious…the live enzymes and phytonutrients will bring you back to life : ) try it…..

  2. Yes, the stones you chose would work, however, they look like round polish stones that you would buy at a craft stone and they will have more relief than the flooring tiles of stone you can purchase. Because each stone is of a different depth, you are going to have to dicker a lot with their placement in the thinset. Then there is the pitch to consider so that the water does not pool up. It is such a small space that I would personally go with commercial stone tiles that are pre-set and have a lower relief.
    I very much appreciate your design style and dedication to detail and look forward to seeing your end results. Someday, I too will design and build my own tiny space.
    Here’s hoping you are feeling better…..Pat

    1. I kind of thought they would be flatter and more uniform, these are the tiles from Lowe’s, for showers, are there other ones that are flatter and more uniform? Where would you find those? Thanks Pat!

  3. Is that a propane ceramic heater attached to the top of your propane tank? I bought one of those 10 years ago to use as an emergency heater; I’ve never tried it out.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Dave R

    1. It is! My dad stuck it out there to help the sheetrock mud dry out a little quicker, it’s been chilly lately! I don’t think I will need anything like that when it’s all finished, it’s been surprisingly warm! Thank you for the well wishings!

  4. *to be sung* I love your house. It is so tiny but not so tiny. I love how your house looooo–ooooookkks.

    Seriously, it looks so good. And the shower niche? Perfection! I may even send you soap as a house warming gift.

  5. Love the updates! I went to a spa once and they had a shower covered in that kind of stone tile. It was a cool feeling to stand on them. Not sure how fun they’ll be to clean! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I love the floor tile Macy but I really hate cleaning, so I look at them with dread knowing that all kinds of funk will not simply drain away. a bumpy surface on the floor of the shower would be my very last choice for this reason… Perhaps you love cleaning and plan on scrubbing up the floor after every use?

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