Update 12.04.12 and Tiny House Chat Announcement

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Please do mark your calendar for the Tiny House Chat coming up next Monday, the 10th.  Same time, 6-7pm MST (8-9pm Eastern).  In the spirit of the holidays we will be doing a chat centered around family.  Please join our guest hosts Kacie Erickson ( and Peter Simon ( along with Ryan Mitchell ( and myself as we talk about tiny houses and family among other things!

For more information on the chat find the Tiny House Chat on Facebook (

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Last weekend I we got a bit done, I am posting a bit late but better late than never!  I have been very busy lately but there is progress, I promise!  Here is proof!  I hope everyone is doing wonderful!

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  1. No matter how things turn out with your back you will never be worthless. After my 44 year old son broke his back in a car accident he thought it was over. He has gone on to build 2 houses over the last 3 years. He never looked back. gs

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