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So, I posted a few weeks back about hooking up ads to my website to try to generate income which could be put back into the tiny house community (say for a better platform for the Tiny House Chats or something like that).  I was gearing up to switch my blog to a different platform when I read that WordPress started WordAds.  I applied to their program even though it said very little about the pay scale (that is usually an indicator of a not very good pay scale…).  I read some reviews which weren’t great but still, it was worth trying if it was decent and I didn’t have to do any added effort to make that happen.  That was nearly 6 weeks ago I think, they don’t post results until ‘2-3 weeks after the end of the month’.

I got my earnings back a couple days ago though, 29,242 views in three weeks equates to $2.39 cents.  Not only that but I don’t even get to collect the ‘earnings’ until there is $100.00 in there.   So at this rate, in three and a half years I will get a check for $100.00! (I think I could do better).

I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations and/or good experiences on where to switch my site hosting to in order to get the best advertising revenues or any other suggestions of how to do better?  Thanks everyone!


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  1. I think your experience is fairly typical. The only time I found great success with that kind of advertising was when I had a site that was getting over 50,000 unique visitors and hundreds of thousands of page views each day. At that point I was making almost enough to live on. But now that I only have smaller sites, it’s barely a trickle each month.

    Another thing to consider is that if you are getting people who come back over and over, they are usually immune to that type of ad. You need an influx of brand new traffic each day, to get any real clicks.

    My advice to you specifically would be to check out the IAB’s guidelines at and pick an ad size that you can live with, and then put up a page on your site that offers ads that size for $XX a month. With your contacts in the building world you might be able to attract different products that your readers would be interested in purchasing – and that’s high value in advertising!

  2. Something I know about! First I am assuming that you meant Adsence which can make you money and not Adwords which is the spending money portion.

    In essence, you want clicks not views. You want X clicks for every Y views. People dream of 1click for 25 or less views but it tends to be more 1 click for ever 2,000+ or more views. different ads have different amount they will pay you for each of their ads that get 1,000 views. Google averages this to get your total. Now if you got 5 clicks a week you would see more money because companies want people to go to their site and not just look at the ad.

    Views are low paying unless you get 250,000 or more people a day to your site. Which would also increase you chances of people clicking through an ad.

    Because ad blockers prevent both views and clicks which is why some people have messages that tell people with ad blockers that they are stealing from them.

      1. Ah…. oops. >.<;
        You know… you could do tours of your tiny house as your working on it, post on youtube and get ad revenue that way? Sorry if you already thought of that.

        1. I haven’t thought of that! I sort of shy away from cameras though, maybe I should get over that! I really probably should have done some videos of each phase, that would have been a cool way to document stuff. Thanks for your comments!

  3. The best way to monetize your Tiny House site is to get people signed up for a mailing list. Your goal is to maximize your list, and then when you come out with a ‘My Experience Building a Tiny House’ book, you send the info out to your mailing list, and there’s a HIGH probability they’ll buy.

    The YouTube video model is a good one as well. I make a decent chunk of change from Adsense on YouTube (not mainly from my Tiny House videos) and Amazon Affiliates. If you search for Wonder Wash on YouTube, my video is the most popular there, and I make about $40 a month just from the YouTube Adsense revenue on that video, not even counting the Amazon Affiliate commissions I earn.

    It’s really tough to hone in on exactly how to make money with internet marketing, and if you’re doing well, chances are you’ve been doing it for a long time already. Best of luck to you!

  4. Hi there, I was wondering if by any chance you knew what the minimum number of views you had to get each month is in order to qualify for WordAds? Even an approx number would really help!. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kendall-
      As far as I know there isn’t a minimum number of views required, the application process, as I remember, was to verify that your site was a ‘legit’ blog and used appropriate language etc. (is not a porn site 🙂 ). When I signed up I was getting around 1000 views a month or so. I didn’t make a whole lot off of it at that (~2-3 bucks a month). I have since found myself in a position that I get a lot more views a month (~50k give or take) and I do a bit better (~100 bucks a month). It is definitely not a huge money maker but an extra hundred bucks a month for doing something I would be doing anyway is nice. It does seem to be exponential on the amount of time you’ve had it, for instance I have had months with many less views than previous months that actually make more money… I wish there was a clear cut formula out there to be able to see and guess your income but it all seems to be gorilla math 🙂 It didn’t seem worth it in the beginning but now it does seem worthwhile.

      1. There’s a variety of reasons you might make more in certain periods than others even with less views.

        1. Viewers in countries like America generate a ton more $ per 1,000 ad impressions than other countries because advertisers over there pay more (more competition/etc).

        2. Viewers who have ad-blockers will still count towards your views per month, but they will not generate any ad impressions.

        3. If you are using a wordads-optimized wordpress theme, you can have up to a total of 3 ads on a single page. Each ones of these ads has a different payout. (i.e. horizontal header ads tend to pay less than the after-post ad boxes).

        4. Ad impressions are only counted if a viewer views the entire ad. I.e., say you have an ad box at the bottom of your article. Say a person reads your article, gets to the last sentence, sees half the adbox but instead of scrolling down to view more articles or post a comment, they click on your sidebar or leave your site.

        That view is not an ad impression, because the entire ad didn’t show up on their screen.

        So these are some of the factors that will affect your earnings per month and cause some months with less views to generate more revenue.

    1. getting on he front page of really helped 😉 No idea how to go about doing that though, I think it’s mostly luck! 🙂

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