Update 11.11.12

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Here is a quick Drywall update, I started the mudding to cover the horizontal seams.  Its messy and fantastic!  I like this part of things, it reminds me of sculpting which I haven’t got to do in a LONG time!  So, to be honest, I had no idea of the tips and tricks behind this until the morning of, I watched a YouTube video and I was set!  Ha! Needless to say, I’m glad I will be putting a texture on the wall ;-).   Dad also had a couple tips and tricks to offer, like an easy way to cut the tape with a straight edge!

I also wanted to do a little update on that heater, it works FANTASTIC!  It took a few hours to warm up but I just turned it to low and have left it on the last few days, when I go out there there is no chill.  It’s not ‘warm’ because it’s not occupied, the point is to just not let the mud freeze before it gets on the wall because that will ruin it.   I have been impressed with it for sure!

Thank you to all those people who joined us for the Tiny House Chat last night, it was fun! We definitely have some ideas on how to improve things in the future but it was awesome to get to chat with everyone, particularly Laura and Chris and Malissa.

Here are some pictures:

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  1. Mudding drywall can certainly be fun, the biggest problem I have ever run into with paper tape was sticking it in the mud with too much pressure, it will force the mud out from behind and leave a bubble later. If the tape is wet, and you apply it with a light touch though, you will likely never run into a problem… I have used both the paper and fiberglass and in my humble opinion you made the right choice…

  2. It looks great! It won’t be long now….

    On a different note – I found a Little Skippy coat stove marine stove) for just $200.00 on Ebay! Yeah, crazy cheap! It arrives Thursday, I have not eaten or slept….

  3. Hey – me again…..I am looking for the post on your heater, can you direct me? I found one on an underfloor heating mat – I love that idea. Is there something else?

    1. Hey Debra, there isn’t. I have the temporary radiant heater for this winter while I work on the inside. My main heat source is my under floor radiant heat system though. If I need extra heat I am contemplating a ceiling fan/heater combo.

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