Update 11.4.12

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I had a fairly productive weekend!  I was a little sick at the beginning but I got caught up on loads of sleep (16 hours friday night, not even exaggerating) and ended up getting quite a bit done today.  I got the rest of the big pieces of drywall up. I still have to trim out the window openings and put up the metal corner guards but that ought to go fairly quickly.  It turns out I suck at drywalling, you’ll see below.  I have a whole lot of respect for the various trades.  They make it look SO easy on HGTV!  It will work though and I did it myself (and with help from my family but you know what I mean!), I’m proud of that :).

It’s sort of sad that now, with daylight savings time, I basically will not have any daylight to work by except on weekends.  At the same time though, that’s kind of cool, I’m approaching the one year mark of when I started this project and going out to work on it in the dark and cold reminds me of how exciting it was and really is.  It was SO cool last winter, it was an awesome winter project and still is :)!  I used to go work on the cold hard metal frame of the dingy trailer I got off of Craigslist but now I am working on my house!  It is amazing how far it’s come.  I will miss the daylight but I will soon have the warm glow of my house lights to work by!  And it won’t be nearly as cold!

Oh, I played with a few of these images in Pixlr…they are sorta dumb but I’m hoping to give a better idea of what is happening in some spots… I am now in LOVE with Pixlr, it’s free photoshop!  🙂

Here are some pictures in no particular order:



  1. Great update! For the blinds in Pico House, I’m going to be building custom enclosures for double-cell blackout shades. I’m building them in such a way that the shades are actually in the window frame, while still being enclosed.

    Dunno if that helps you with ideas or not, but good luck with the rest of your build!

  2. Macy, your house is looking SO awesome!! I am seriously loving it. great lines, great shape from the outside, and the interior space is shaping up really nicely – it’s going to be so awesome!

    oh, and my advice: definitely plan for winter coat storage… they are huge and oh-so-necessary to have handy! we’re thinking about building an outdoor closet on our deck for winter coats, boots and shoes….

  3. Inside looks great! How did you like working with the 3/8 sheetrock? Did it hold up ok when you were putting it up? I like the idea of saving some weight and using a slightly lighter panel.

    1. Hi Dave! Thank you very much for your kind words!
      You know, I almost went with 1/4″ drywall but I was afraid it would be too brittle and break too easily… going with the 3/8″ was a compromise and as of right now, I think I would have been perfectly fine to go with 1/4″. I don’t yet know how it will hold up to being jostled around but it seems very secure! The pieces that are broken and chipped are 100% due to me not being very good with a hammer :). Thankfully I am a pretty good sculptor, hopefully that will be important when it gets to the mudding :). If I had less of a structural system I would go with something a little thicker to help with the shear but the way I framed it AND the ridged insulation makes me pretty comfortable with the shear strength as it is. I would definitely recommend it at this point… I will be sure to update if I find a flaw with the thinner drywall though!

  4. Did you do anything special to the seams of the drywall because of the mobility of a tiny house? It looks soooo nice.

    1. Thank you, I actually didn’t do anything special. I figured that if it did crack drywall is pretty easy to patch, nothing happened during my move though so I was pleasantly surprised!

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