Road-trip and Update

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There are only two pictures I think related directly to my tiny house but they are good ones!  Merete and Christopher stopped by to take some pictures/interview me and my tiny house.  I have proof!  The others are just some pictures, most not relating to the tiny house but definitely relating to the bigger goals of homesteading with this website… by the way, I am probably going to start posting more about that stuff soon and as my house starts getting more complete… :).

James and I went on a quick road trip this weekend to see my amazing cousins Sage and Mikel (check out pictures of the elusive Patrick the dog, AKA PQ who is an adorable rescue pup I have never met!), we had a blast winding our way up just above Yakima Washington to the tiny town of Naches Washington, which is spelled three different ways on the buildings inside of Naches.  Adorable little town though and very gracious hosts.  We visited the local farm for their fall harvest festivities.  We enjoyed fresh home-made donuts, learned about a lot of aspects of farming (apples, gourds,  bees and a plethora of other stuff, even some cows, goats and an array of birds) Watched some pumpkin/apple canon shenanigans and my favorite, walnut hunting! :).  Here are some pictures with some minimal explanations attached 🙂


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