Update 9.30.12 – Trim

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LOTS got done!  With Dad and James’s help this weekend I was able to get all the major trim-board up!  I still have to trim out the windows and doors but I can do that solo through the week.  I needed help, since I’m still broken AND because it was some cumbersome trim.  It was a success though and it looks GREAT!  I was also able to get all the deck-boards cut, they will be stained and sealed and then installed soon!  Still to do on this trim work is some screws, I will need to get up on a ladder that is a little tough with a broken foot, soon though and until then they will be A-O-K with the nails Dad and James put in.  I will also go through and caulk all the seams and paint the trim… I am still working on the details but it will most likely be black.

On another note, you know all that extra insulation I had left over, I sold it all!  I bought ALL of my insulation for $1,000.  It turns out I bought WAY too much, the rest I threw up on Craigslist.  I sold the REMAINING insulation for $1,294.  This means I got ALL of my insulation for free essentially AND made close to $300 on top of that.  I can’t complain about that!

Throughout the week I will work on trimming out the openings and keep planing the siding boards.  I have made a big dent in those but still have a lot more to go!  It’s all coming along well, I think it will start to feel a lot cooler to me from this point on, we are basically into the ‘finish work’, that’s where I get my kicks!  Everything to this point has been amazing though 🙂



      1. Well, the doctors have no idea what it’s like to be in your body. I also like the trim boards. I always like this phase of a project, because it feels like decoration. It’s like decorating, but more essential and understated.

  1. About painting, why not paint the boards in the pictures with Photoshop first and see how that looks? That should give you a real good idea if a particular color works for you or not.

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