September 3rd Update – Ivy is planted!

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A quick update!  I have still been trying to stay productive as much as I can, James has also been helping/doing a lot of work with me!  This weekend we got some stuff done so I want to update, it’s exciting!  We got ivy Planted!  The design is such that, eventually these planters will be self sustaining AND a constant source of portable shade, making my house very efficient.  Right now however it still looks pretty sad… I wanted to hurry up and get the ivy planted so that by the time we could get the trellis on it would be fairly well established and can just grow.  I am hoping that at least half of this ivy makes it through the transplant and can start to take over the whole side of my house.  Realistically it will be a couple years before it all fills in but by then it should look pretty sweet!  The house is designed so that when it rains the water will all run off this side of the house, down the wall and right into the ivy pots.  Ivy is a weed here and is really hearty so it will be pretty much self sustaining once I get it trained correctly.  Maybe not a ‘perfect’ system but I think it’s pretty cool.  I also like that it will be a natural material when it’s all said and done, it should accent my house very well!  This is about the only ‘green-roof’ system I could think of that would make sens on a tiny house because the weight is actually very minimal.  You will notice the two spots on the end don’t yet have a planter for ivy, I am deciding what to do here, the one to the front of the trailer will have ivy but I am thinking through a design for some garden planters on that back section (by my kitchen) where maybe I can grow my green beans and/or peas… we will see.

Next weekend is my birthday, I am hoping for my birthday maybe I can get some more work done.  There are some little things I need to get caught up on for my electrical system and the framing in the bathroom ceiling that I think I can manage in my braces etc., or get some help from James on.. and I still need to get some insulation up in the ceiling.  After that I am ready to go with the drywall.  I will try not to push it too hard (but I can barely start to walk again on my foot, before I am rudely reminded it’s still broken… (: ) but I want to get back at it ASAP!

Here are some photos:









And a link I love HERE.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the kindness! I will certainly be careful and ‘try’ not to push too hard :)… I may just be on drugs right now but I can’t figure out what SMBC means? Thanks so much for the comment!

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