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Finally, right?!?!

I apologize for being MIA, I have no internet at the moment, I have my phone tethered to my laptop which isn’t as grand as you would expect :).  I have also been sort of MIA on my tiny house, I am spending some time trying to prep for our eco festival coming up this weekend and also packing all of my possessions to move out.  My house won’t be complete by the end of the month, surprise! So I will be squatting with some family, I’m not sure who yet but someone… I hope :).

A brief description, I am lucky as hell to have a master plumber on my side!  It looks pretty great! I got my roofing, my fridge and my water filter. Here are some pictures, in no particular order:



  1. Two thoughts!

    One, I’ve never seen anyone vent their drains in a tiny house on a trailer – but I’ve definitely seen it on traditional houses on regular foundations. Have I just missed it on other Tiny Houses? Or are you the only one doing it? And if the others aren’t doing it, any idea what they’re doing instead?

    And two, I would really suggest taking your appliances out of the boxes and seeing if they’re damaged, and plug them in, and make sure they work – as soon as possible. It’s much harder to send something back when you’ve had it for a month – or three months – or whatever. My mother and grandmother used to own a gift shop, and they would get their Christmas shipments in the middle of summer, and every bit of it had to be unpacked, checked for damage or missing parts, and then repacked until the Fall. Huge amount of work unpacking and packing tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise, but it is shocking how much stuff gets damaged during shipping – or was not quite right before it even left the factory. You may be in for a yucky surprise if you wait, since some vendors are not easy to deal with if you want to return something they consider “aged.” Just a little heads up…

    1. Very good point on the appliances! I didn’t really think of that, sounds like a great excuse to play with things! Thank you! 🙂

      Let me ask around actually about the venting. I have not payed as close of attention actually in other tiny houses plumbing because I knew I had my dad there and that we would do that part well! I’m curious now, I can’t think of ever having seen it either. I’ll get back to you on it!

          1. It is an excellent question! I hadn’t even considered not doing it, but you’re totally right, I haven’t seen it in many others. 🙂

  2. I lived briefly in a place that the plumbing was not vented properly at the kitchen sink, and the problem was compounded by the landlords adding a washer and dryer in the adjoining wall, and using the same drain pipe as the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink always drained slowly, and clogged frequently. The worst part though was what would happen when the washer drained. All of the water in the P-Trap would get sucked out so the washer could drain fast enough and the when no more water was going down into the sewer system the horrible smells would come back up through the kitchen sink. If a sink is draining to a grey water discharge that is open to the air, it’s not going to need additional venting, but a closed septic system or sewer needs to have a vent to maintain proper flow, and prevent unwanted sewer gases flowing back into habitable living space.

  3. Macy! this is awesome! so exciting to see your progress!
    a couple things I thought of (lessons we learned):
    1. try out your toilet now to make sure it works! this is not something that is easy to live without once you move in. We did not do this. toilet sat in the garage for months. then when we moved in we realized it needed repairs!
    2. the fridge. we used an undercounter fridge, but a conventional one and we are finding that is adds TONS of heat to the interior. the vent is on the bottom face of the fridge, like most fridges. and it is like a space heater! might be awesome in the winter. sucks in the summer. FYI. I am pretty sure RV fridges vent to the exterior – which seems smart…..
    keep up the awesome work!
    – Carrie

    1. Hi Carrie!
      Great points!
      I think the toilet will be alright, it’s low technology so I don’t see a reason to get it all gross before installing. It would actually be pretty difficult to test out unless it was installed.
      With the fridge, I actually thought of this, if I need to it’s very possible that I can vent the excess heat out the side of the building, next summer would probably be the time to figure that out for sure but it’s definitely doable!
      Thanks for the encouragement as always! I hope you two are well!

      1. hi Macy! It got a bit cooler this past week with monsoon rains in Arizona and I realized that a fridge venting heat indoors is actually a good thing in 3 out of 4 seasons…. It’s just what to do with it in the summer!
        hope you’re well!
        – Carrie

  4. Go Macy go! So cool to see your structure coming together. Yeah, master plumbers are a jewel as friends or family! I think I am going to outsource my plumbing to a client of my dad, as I seem to have no interest in figuring it out. 😉 I see you went with an apt.-sized fridge! Very nice! I’m thinking to go that route, too, as they appear to use the same amount of electricity as the smaller ones (weird, huh?). Keep rockin it!

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