Update 6.7.12

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Tonight, when I drove up to the house the wind was in the midst of ripping off the felt I nailed on last night!  A minor set-back.  I was sort of expecting that (they get pretty massive winds out there and I ran out of daylight before I could really get the sides nailed down as well as I’d like).  I ended up going up on the roof and laying on the felt for a few minutes until the wind died down enough to let me re-nail it.  It was probably pretty silly if you were to see it but it worked!  I didn’t have to re-do the whole thing, just waited a bit then finished nailing it down.  I will have to go through and re-lay one strip of it but all and all it could have been a lot worse.  I also went through and finished all the window flashing.  I was going to work on the furring but the wind was crappy.  Instead I hung some light receptacles in preparation for the wiring this weekend and started to work through some designs for my mill-work.

I have updated my budget and ran some quick numbers, guesstimated about what I still have to purchase and amazingly I am still sort of on track.  It will be tight but I am in the 10k range… so far… I have a feeling the finishes is where I will up some of my standards :).

I also heard that my toilet is in town!  It is missing one piece right now but will be delivered on Tuesday when that piece gets in.  We have a green expo coming up here in town in a couple weekends that I will probably have my toilet in, just so people can see what it’s like and make it not such a ‘foreign’ thing.  The green expo is actually a really cool event Boise does.  I get to help work on some of the information through the USGBC Idaho chapter.  I hope some of my Boise friends can make it down there, there are a lot of great lectures and a lot of innovative companies pushing the edge of sustainability.  You are bound to learn something and what’s better than that!?  That’s right, nothing ;-).  Have a good night everyone!

Here are some pictures:



  1. Darn, I just wrote a whole comment but it didn’t post because I wasn’t logged in. Oh well. Anyway, I was saying that I love that your pooper was in town, is in town, will soon be in your house, etc. I can’t wait to see install pics and hear from you about the process.

    Also, I noticed you put up receptacle boxes where your lights will go. GREAT IDEA! One that I am going to copy. I have been dreading a schematic because I can’t really “see” (pardon the pun) how things like that will work until I see them…well, work. I’ll get some boxes this weekend maybe (or next week) and get those tentatively posted so I can see how we are looking.

    1. That is a good idea, I drew it out first but actually putting them in the space I did make some adjustments. It’s better to just be able to see it. Your place is looking GREAT!

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