Update 6.6.12

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I decided to take some pictures in the dark, I keep trying to remember to at least go back through first thing the next day and get updated pictures so I am only a day or so behind but I can’t seem to remember to do that.  So, plan B is to take pictures in the dark… here you go :).

I got the roof felted, I will need to go back through and nail it down better but it should hold for the night just fine.  I sealed up all the windows and doors with sprayfoam and flashed them.  I have the a tiny bit more to do on those actually.  There are lots of little unfinished tasks that are adding up that I need to take a day and just finish, including one more little area of radiant barrier that needs taped, 1 1/2 windows which need flashed, trimming out a couple more windows on the inside, hanging the light receptacles (now that I have a roof) and furring the outside for siding.

Dad and I also talked through some details for the porch.  It will be exciting to get that going!   That’s all I’ve got for you tonight, I hope you have had an amazing day!

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  1. Looking awesome!!
    I kept forgetting pictures too…I try to take them after certain steps are completed or assign the task to my dad. Sometimes you just get so into it that stopping for pictures isn’t a priority 🙂

    1. True story! I really do want to get better about that part though. I swear up-keeping the blog is half the work of building the damn thing! 🙂 Thanks for the comment Sarah!

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