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And here is the interior pallet.  I am going to buy som 1×2 poplar boards for the kitchen counter as well as my hand made dresser.  I have actually come back full circle to a concrete floor, even though it is REALLY heavy, I have been planning on using tile all along for the thermal mass anyway, concrete is only a small amount heavier for the same dimensions.  I was concerned that it would be a problem to use a thin slab of concrete, after speaking with an engineer on the issue I think I will be just fine.  As a back up plan I am looking at using a white terrazzo tile.  For the shower and accents I am looking at using a natural stone tile and/or blue/brown or grey glass tiles.  The hardware is all pretty simple, brushed nickle pulls, modern-ish fixtures etc.  Here are some images to give the idea.



  1. I confess….when it comes to decor…..I believe we may be on the same page….OK at least in the same general direction! The Haul will be all white interior(bright white) with dark wood lam flooring and brush nickle and chrome combo hardware and lights. The bump out will house a wall hanging fireplace in black steel and with a stainless steel face. The bump out will be faced with thin rusted sheet steel that I have laying in the back yard rusting. Exterior theme: country cottage……live in TN. Interior: Urban loft…… minimalist interior…..NO CLUTTER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see it finished. I love the look of glass tile and brushed nickel, I think it looks very clean. Are you planning on leaving the concrete natural or coloring it?

    1. Thanks! I like it too! I LOVE the look of raw concrete, I plan on just sealing it, not coloring it at all. I love raw and natural materials.

      1. Generally I love the look of materials in their natural state too, but we have a grocery store here in town where they did a stained concrete floor and I gotta say it looks really great. They used various shades of green with some highlights of yellow. It always reminds me of moss or being outdoors.

        1. That actually sounds pretty intriguing, I have never seen those colors in concrete! I am thinking I may have lime green accents, I keep gravitating to it… that could I’ll google search some images! 🙂

          1. If you’re interested I can get some pics for you. I think in this case they colored the concrete a base green and then spread the other shades of green and the yellow highlight after it was poured and spread.

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