Exterior Materials

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I was asked what my material pallet would be like so I thought it would be good to post somethign about that and where things are right now in my noggen.  This is my exterior material pallet.  I am back to recycled pallet wood siding, I am planning on planing these down and staining them, probably with a walnut tone stain.  The trim is going to either be a dark bronze metal or possibly even stained dark wood.  For the roof and back wall I am leaning towards a white elastomeric roofing product with a metal mesh suspended over it so that Ivy can crawl it’s way up the walls. I am considering a couple dark bronze light fixtures for the patios but am leaning toward a galvalume one at the very moment.  Who will know what I end up with until I actually make the purchase.  Here is a visual:




  1. I think the wood pallet stained with the walnut will look great. You’ll have to keep an eye on that ivy, it can be pretty invasive when it grows against structures.

    1. Thanks again! I am trying to think of other less invasive plants that I could use too, the problem is I can only use a small amount of soils because of the whole weight thing. Ivy can grow here pretty easily but it’s so dry it usually doesn’t go crazy so I may be ok… really I picked it because it is at my work and I could take some cuttings really easily :). I am open to any other plants though too if anyone knows of any. 🙂

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