Wall Insulation done

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Big long day!  Lots got done.

First, I want to say, the soap.shampoo and toothpaste I bought recently from soapforgoodnesssake.com, in an effort to clarify my grey water tank so that when I move into my tiny place I can use the excess water for my garden is FANTASTIC, I love it.  I sort of thought I would feel like a dirty hippie for at least a few days but it is not the case at all.  The shampoo is the best I have ever used, my hair is clean without being greasy or dried out, the toothpaste tastes a little funny but I am quickly getting used to it and even starting to like it.  The soap is always amazing!  I highly recommend the pumpkin, the avocado AND the rose petal.   Good stuff.  (this is a completely unsolicited shout out, FYI)

In tiny house construction news, I finished the wall insulation!!! It felt like it was going to go on forever but I imagine my swing at it was a lot easier than some others.  This was the area where I have heard the most complaints from other tiny house people so I streamlined it :).  In standard construction you would wire the house and insulate around that, it is a little tougher using ridged insulation.  There are building codes in place that make this the ‘standard construction’.  For now tiny houses have no ‘codes’, so I took liberties :).  It may be a little unclear still with this post but hopefully this gives the general idea of how I am going to wire.

Next weekend I plan to bring the house out into the daylight and install the roof, It will be nice to finally be enclosed! Also, I finally brought my camera out to snap some pictures, I put on my little wide angle attachment and here you are!



  1. Macy, glad to see that you are tackling the electrical yourself… If you want to fill in the void left by the cut out for the wiring so that you are still fully insulated where the wires are run you can always use some “Great Stuff” or similar spray foam.

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