Composting Toilet

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I have ordered a toilet!  I have gone with the Sun-Mar Centrex 2000, non-electric.  It costs WAY too much and really is more than what I ‘need’, system wise, but I there are several conclusions I have drawn through my research that have lead me this direction:

  • The mechanism that the Sun-Mar products use is a manual crank device as opposed to that of some other companies that use a grating system.  As I understand the grating system has a tenancy to dry out and ‘clog’, requiring a manual disassemble and cleaning.  Though I was told this was rare it is not something I want to deal with.
  • The unit itself is longer and more spread out and therefore allows better waste management because of the design (more surface area for ‘liquids’ to evaporate and a longer waste storage area for solids to go through, there is a drawer at the end of the process where wastes will be removed and no one will be the wiser! Or so I am told, we shall see…)
  • I like the way this company is run, really there were two units in the running for my usage needs, the other being a Sancor model.  Both companies have made in the USA products, Sancor is a factory direct sale and as such they were able to drop the price a bit more than Sun-Mar could… I however like the fact that Sun-Mar takes it a step further and supports local economies, providing more jobs throughout the US.  My Sun-Mar dealer is located about 8 miles from my project site and was able to cut off a few hundred bucks from the ‘retail price’ for me.
  • I went with a remote toilet as opposed to the self contained so the waste is not actually kept in my house, it will be in a tank below the trailer, accessible/cleanable from outside.
  • I went with a waterless option so that I do not have to worry about draining extra water or hooking water up to the toilet.
  • Really, what I was looking for was the most ‘conventional’ looking composting toilet, I want people to feel comfortable using the bathroom at my place and I don’t want to have to leave a book of instructions for them to be able to do so.  It did end up costing me a bit more but I felt like it was worth it, and it’s all about priorities… the potty is one of those for me.  🙂




  1. Congratulations Macy on your decision. I’ve read on these toilets a little bit and I think this is the one that I put on my dream list for when and if I ever get to build. I really like how you laid out the major factors in your decision making, I may actually print it out for reference in the future.

  2. May your drum handle never break, may your toilet not stink when it gets hot out and finally may your drawer never fill with gross disgusting sludge.

    1. Why thank you, I suppose if that happens I will definitely let it be known… It’s all about learning as you go and finding the pros and cons…

  3. When we finally get to visit…don’t you worry. I won’t be afraid to get my #1 -OR- #2 on in your new Sun-Mar. I am anxious to hear your future reviews!

      1. Dude you are an inspiration!!! Thank you for fnlilay giveing me the courage to do what i always wanted to do live off the gird! Living for now in the UK where planing permission laws are draconian, I fear its impossible to live free. Since living here I always think why small communities and villages don’t to come together and take ownership and control their own resources and become sustainable in their own right. Time to move again and live this dream!BTW Love your song Freeman !

        1. Well thanks Venus! Happy to impact others and inspire more sustainable ideas! Good luck with your move!

          I don’t get the song reference.

    1. Thanks Ethan! When I get ready to move it, which won’t happen but a couple times hopefully, I will just jack up the trailer, detach the unit and strap it down on the patio for transport. It should be fairly easy, not as easy as having a self contained unit but I thought the pros outweighed the cons. 🙂

  4. Macy you’ve gotta let me know if your satisfied with this unit when you move in. I want to make my Hawaii tiny home a tree house so conventional sewer isn’t going to work. I also want to rent it out when I’m not there and my concerns are totally in line with yours.

    Be sure to give us an update when all is said and done 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting this info. I have a small cabin on my property that I’d love to use for guests/friends to stay in. I just need a toilet. Amazing how expensive these things are, but considering I just spent $2600 on a root canal and crown, I’d have to say you get a little more for your money in the biffy department. 😉

  6. When you say that you have a remote toilet system, and that your holding tank is held under your home, does that mean that you have a basement in your tiny house? Does the tank need to be lower than the toilet so that it works with gravity? How does it separate the urine? Would it fit in a crawl space?…the crawl is not too shallow.

    1. My unit just needs 28″ (i think… if I remember correctly), since my trailer is above wheel I have more space than typical under there, there is no basement, essentially just a crawl space. The unit does work via gravity, though they have some that dont need to be directly below too (but they use water). Space wise a crawlspace would work but the unit does need to be manually turned a couple times a week so it would be best if you could allow access for that. It separates the liquids and solids via a perforated drum, the liquids drain through and are evaporated off. Hopefully that makes sense!!

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